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I hope I'm not the only one who ships this.

What attracts you? What is your definition of beauty? Is it butts, legs, or maybe something completely different?

Personally, I like me some good eyebrows. If you have nice, thick eyebrows that really frame your eyes well, I will be like, "Sup, boy. Here's my number."
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oh no.... It's a special kind of jealous in a very creative way... they will manipulate your time until only the couple of friends they approve of remain.... the first few months they will hang out with you and your friends acting like everything is great but really she is deciding what friends she will let you keep... and NONE of them are likely to be women that aren't family
I've seen it happen a lot... ㅋㅋㅋ
@danidee your so young still
@danidee funny, can deal with my rather perverted sense of humor (bonus points if they can dish it back!), accepting, overall nice, can handle my sarcasm (again bonus for return fire), doesn't treat me "like a girl", understanding
@danidee I like the kind where you can see shapes and designs, like mine.