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So, one of my favorite mando-pop girl S.H.E. are coming back with a special single for their 15th anniversary. The teaser came out 9 hours ago only showing instrumental and pink background with changing clover graphic. Based on the description "一路走來 永遠都在" (Along the way, We're forever here) it will most likely be a sisterhood theme.
Anyways, I can't wait for the three of them to come together again. It's been a year since they last recorded a song together. This group has been my long time favorite due to their vocal range and harmony.
Ella: Alto to mezzo soprano Hebe & Selina: Mezzo-soprano to soprano
Although, Selina has a higher soprano pitch
This was their latest music video "Wings of My Words" for the film, "The Ark of Mr. Chow."

Some of my personal favorites from S.H.E:

2. Half Sugarism (cover of Cinderella by Cheetah Girls) 3. Silence
4. Listen to Yüan Wei-Jen Play Guitar 5. Tropical Rainforest
6. I Love Riany Night Flower (This is a Taiwanese modern folk song).
7. Satisfaction

Have you heard of this group?

@szewwy There are a few mpop groups out there that has amazing tracks. Another one of my favorite is Nan Quan Mama.
@MyAffairWith That's a good song. I think you'll like their other songs as well. :)
This is like one of the only mpop groups I know lol, I love their songs!
I actually haven't. I liked wings of my words. I'll listen to some of the other songs too!
@cindystran I will soon!
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