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Guys, I have serious hair-envy when it comes to Ga-In's short hair.

My hair is super thick and wavy so there is no way I could pull this off but I SO WANT TO.

Who else would love to rock this look?!

or whose hair do YOU envy?

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I actually showed a picture of Ga-In to my hairdresser last year and she did a wonderful job cutting my hair like hers. I do wish I could grow it long though. It's really thin and only makes it to my shoulders before it gives up lol
I envy idols who have long hair and no problems with it. I tend to keep my hair short and medium length to avoid it from getting knotted and stuck to anything which is why I cut my long hair right after my grad nite. A specific idol who's hair I envy is Tzuyu. Her hair is so pretty!
I actually cut my hair yesterday and I looks like that XD but I envy Ambers hair tbh
I would love to but my head shape doesn't fit that kind of style. my face is too round. so jelly!!!
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