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Upcoming K-drama Heirs, starring Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, is more than just a drama about filthy rich high school kids. It’s actually about how easy it is to destroy all the fangirls and fanboys in the entire universe. This drama is a trap created to once again ruin bias lists and cause fans all around the world to cry on their couches and claw at their computer screens because of the unlimited eye candy this cast offers. Now I took the time to really think hard about this cast. After counting there are literally SEVEN HOT GUYS IN THIS DRAMA. The F4 crew from Boys Over Flowers was already too much to handle; I mean every time they were all in a scene together I thought I needed a medic! What am I, actually what are we supposed to do this time?! There are apparently 20 planned episodes of Heirs which means I — I mean we – are going to die 20 times, not even counting the amount of times we’re going to die during just ONE episode! It’s like we’re gonna be freakin’ ghosts watching Heirs! We might as well re-name ourselves “Arang“ because we’re not alive! The thing is, I don’t think you guys really understand who is in this drama. I mean it’s one thing to write up individual articles letting you all know who joined the cast this week; but it’s a totally different type of kitten when you put everyone together in a line up. So of course I did it! You already know I did it! elow is the male cast line up of Heirs. I am telling you, seriously there is a guy style for everyone in this drama. If you don’t believe me just scroll down and make sure to wipe the drool when you’ve reached the end. BOOM! 1- Lee Min Ho For those who love the tall and handsome type. 2- Kim Woo Bin For those who like smoldering sex appeal and model-licious attributes. 3- Kang Min Hyuk For those of you who love pure cuteness with eye smiles and rock star qualities. 4- Kang Ha Neul For the ones who dig the boy next door with a dash of preppy and bad boy flavor. 5- Choi Jin Hyuk For the ones who find the mysterious looking ones intriguing and addicting. 6- Park Hyung Sik For the ones who like the boys who get voted “Most Popular” in school. 7- Choi Won Young For those who just want to say “oppaaa” all the time. ‘Heirs’ and all it’s gorgeous guys are coming to you soon, so make sure your ready by setting your DramaFever New Series Alert @saharjalpari9 @StephiiKins
too much hotness in this drama!! i just cant!!
@cri14335 haha i don't mind seeing him all day all night every day of every week of every month of every year :p ♥♥♥
@gbhemmy lol u'r rightttt :))))
I can hardly wait for the drama to start!!! OM/ I get a full new 20 episodes of eye candy Lee Min Ho
I can hardly wait for the drama to start!!! OM/ I get a full new 20 episodes of eye candy Lee Min Ho
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