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Siwon Twitter update (translation of the article (off of Google translate =P)) Seen "a hard time, Choi Si Won impressed with the pleasant surprise" OSEN | 2013.08.09 14:02 [OSEN = choenayoung News] Singer BoA best friend Choi Si Won (Super Junior), who had impressed with the story of the surprise gift was released. BoA SBS variety program that is broadcast on the 9th 'Thank You' to Choi Si Won in the best friend thanks to Dawn and tells her story. Choi Si Won recently recorded two seen at the invitation of the "Thank You" joined the trip. He viewed "for the meantime, look strong, but many will suffer and blunt. Viewed from a very tender side with friends, always trying to get me a lot of effort, "he put shake glimpse of the friendship of two men were deep. This boa "is something I remember. A few years ago there was a time when very depressed "and" All of a sudden this is a cool take me to a special place deoni gave surprise gifts. I was impressed, "he said attracted attention. Seen with the recalls and appreciation for cool said. Indeed, Choi Si Won, a friend of BoA to impress Kerala What have been the surprise, the story of two people the same day 23:30 'Thank You' unfolds in. BoA, Choi Si Won sonhyeonju others, munjeonghui, yuhaejin, Systematic baseball commentator, is starring as bakjeongryul martial arts director. <Photo> 'Thank You' ▶ Naver news stands right in the OSEN Meet. [Related articles] Sexy top model, panty-wearing Brahman 'Gonzo certification shot' Beauty nude painting 3 city, exposed private parts Park Bom-CL, bikini bod like particles explode 'eyes Wide - " Gimseonggyeong, a marriage partner? I think one could write Bed Lingerie show, backstage, beautiful women underwear check 'dizzy' Mobile News for my hand, do more fun with ☞ OSEN App Download Shortcut A pictorial view news, smartphone enjoying 'OSEN Photo News' ☞ Album shortcuts [Copyright ⓒ Korea's top sports and entertainment specialist media OSEN ( tip and Press all rights reserved (11 minutes ago)