(Requested by: @KaeliShearer ) Bobby looked out the window drinking his americano. He looked at the couple that walked by, they loved each other. He had loved someone too... He still waits for her. Everyone around him always used him for popularity, money, etc. As he walked out of the cafe, it started to rain. He opened the umbrella and noticed you. You were looking out to see if the rain was going to stop, letting the rain drop right on your face. He giggled a little at your innocence and a little bit of stupidity. You looked a little familiar to him. You heard the giggle and looked at the unknown giggling person. As you turned around your pony tail whipped across your shoulders and landed on your collar bone, glistening. You two stared at each other for a while, leaving an awkward silence. He finally broke the silence and asked, "Uh.. Do you need an umbrella?" You heard his sweet and husky voice through the hard rain, and saw that he was pretty cute. You didn't find any reason to reject him. "Thanks. Uh.. My name is (y/n)" "Your name is (y/n)?" He was surprised at your name... It ringed a bell. "My name is Bobby. Where do you need to go?" His name ringed a bell to you also. "Just 6 blocks away" As you two walked through the rain, he leaned the umbrella on to your side, letting his shoulders get drenched. "So.. How old are you?" "I'm 20." "We're the same age!" "Really? Whoo~ I was nervous that I had to call you oppa." You two laughed. A car was passing by, and bobby noticed the pool of water. He felt a tingling sensation that he needed to protect you. He held you and quickly turned you around letting the umbrella reveal you two. You were surprised at how tightly he grabbed you. His back and his hair was dripping wet. As the water dropped onto your shoulders, you turned around and saw his perfectly sculpted jawline, small but sharp eyes, and his smooth looking nose. Something felt so familiar. It had been only 5 minutes since you met eachother, How could this kind of chemistry already happen? You've never met such guy... He was... He should be... He will be yours... He had to. "Are you..okay?" "Yeah.. Uh.. We should pick up the umbrella and go home so, I can dry my clothes." You two giggled, and hurried home. You guided him to the shower and put his clothes in the dryer. (Don't worry, he put the clothes outside the bathroom.) While he was taking a shower, he felt a memory twitch through his mind. He remembered. You were his first love from 9th grade. No wonder... the name, the eyes, everything felt so... Familiar. He had to tell you and you had to remember. You two made a promise that would never be forgotten. <<<<<<<<<<<flashback>>>>>>>>>>> "Jiwon ah~" you were 15 years old. "Are you okay? You don't look too good. " "I'm going to a different country!" "Are you... Leaving me?" There was a heart breaking silence. "(Y/n), when are you leaving?" "Tomorrow..." The next day... He was only 15, but he was determined. As he ran to the airport, He looked through the whole place, and found you. "(Y/n)ah!!!" You looked back and he ran to you. "We are only 15.. but please... The day you come back to Korea, Let's get married!" You nodded your head yes, and hugged him. You slowly let go and left the airport. It might sound funny to others but... He always had a sensation whenever he saw you, you were the one. The one for him. <<<<<<<<<<present day>>>>>>>>>> You put his clothes by the bathroom door and said, "hey~ your clothes are out!" He quickly took in his clothes and fixed his hair, and nervously went out. He quickly went to you and said, "(y/n)!" You turned around, he hurried and leaned on you and kissed you passionately. You were so surprised you pulled him off. "WHAT THE HECK!" "Don't you remember me? I'm Jiwon.." You quickly covered your mouth out of shock. "Ji-jiwon? Kim jiwon? The one in my 1st grade class?" "Yeah." "OMG." Everything was making sense. "I heard you were in America for a while! That's why your name was bobby!" You two caught up on things and he finally asked, "So... You're not gonna marry me right away right?" You two laughed. "Not right away.." "Would you... Umm... Like to be my-" "girlfriend?" "Yeah" "Of course~^^ I've waited like 5 years!" He leaned closer to you grabbing your waist. You looked at him and put your hands around his neck. He kissed you, taking control over your body. Then he said, "You'll be the love of my life" And the night went on.
This one was a little hard to write.. So please excuse everything~^^ I just want to thank everyone for liking my little one shots. All your reactions are so special to me~ Thank you! @yaya12 @MrsJungHoseok @merryjayne13 @MadAndrea @YesniaF @sarahdarwish @bigbang2ne1exo @Orihemay @amobigbang @sarangseoltang @taetaebaozi @JaxomB @hanheeyoung1126 @tiffany1922 @SarahVanDorn @KaeliShearer
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Omg I can't stop smiling u didn't great!! 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
awwww childhood friends~ so cutee~ glad they met once again lol
@KaeliShearer that's great! I'm so glad you liked it!!
this is so cute馃槅