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I was in a white room filled with clouds and a bright light suddenly appeared. It was so bright but it didn't hurt my eyes. He said "My master heard your prayers. Follow me". We went inside this room full of old jars, everything was white except for the jars. The room had clouds. Each jar symbolizes a man. He said "These are the men from all over the world. If you point at each jar, you will see their faces. If you hold it, that's the man you will marry." So I roamed around looking for the name of my crush. For each part of the room I went, the name of the place/country would appear. I finally found his name. And the light said, "All except for that jar" I asked "why?" He answered "Because that man is not meant to marry." The light showed me another jar. It was an old man. Maybe in his 30's or 40's and he had a beard. His hair was sort of orange to brown. He said "How about this man?" I answered "He is too old". Back then I was only 13. Anyone is too old for me. "No, look closely". So I did. The man had beautiful eyes and his face was pure. I answered "No, I want my first love". "But this man for you is kind, smart and is *mentioned the profession but I forgot*, He will really love you" I replied "No, I don't want to marry a foreigner. I don't care if someone is more handsome or smarter. I want to marry my first love." Then I tried to get the jar of my first love but it disappeared twice. and I asked the light again "Please?" Then he said "I will ask my master." As i was about to touch it, I woke up. I couldn't forget this dream. So I thought maybe I should write it. Additional information: 9/6/16 I don't know why but I am remembering more details about my dream. *Each jar has many names with corresponding years. As if each soul is born many times. * He is good in math and science * The voice said the man in beard will make me cry but will apologize and I should forgive him * The name was showed to me in a seperate dream a day after. I remember that his name sounded like my last name. I wrote it when I woke up but disregarded it because I thought "I just dreamt of this because it sounded like my last name."(Actually, I remember his last name but I'm having second thoughts because I remember the detail just last August 15, 2016. So I thought maybe I just made the detail in my mind because I already know him. I don't know. Time will tell)
Interesting dream...did things work out with your first love? It seems like your dream was trying to tell you that love doesn't always work out like you want it to or expect it to.
write this book now
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boo I would read the book like no tomarrow
no. he is still single until now. he came back to apologize when we were 20 but i did not love him anymore. yeah, i think it was sort of a warning. ☺ i don't know if it's a divine dream but it was really different.
I think that you should forget the old unhappy experience and start a new life. People don't still live in the pain.