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I'm going to be honest here - I'm not really digging the new BAP song.

After the first chorus + verse I just skipped to Zelo's part hoping it would salvage the song for me, but instead I found him rapping with a banana in his hand.

I honestly couldn't even pay attention to his rap because of the banana and dancing girls.

The song will probably grow on me cause its catchy, but it doesn't feel like BAP to me.

Not saying anything bad about them since I'm sure this was more a TS Ent thing than a BAP thing but, yeah :/

I still support them and wish them the best in everything because they seem like genuinely awesome guys but this just wasn't MY jam this time.

Does anyone else feel differently? Or at least know why Zelo had a banana lol?

Honestly I'm in love with the song! I'm the type of person who really has a hard time finding a genre I don't like. However, I usually am not fond of songs at first, like BTS - Fire and Got7 - Fly, but then I fall in love with them later, but I loved this song immediately! I feel like at this point there's no genre B.A.P can't do. 😂
I actually am digging the song but I do agree that it's not like B.A.P's usual songs. Just like with 'Feel So Good' I'm scared that TS is changing their genre to conform to the mainstream pop music that's so prominent in kpop. I guess it's more of a marketing strategy... :/ I hope B.A.P makes music that makes them happy, then that'll make me happy too.
@JessicaChaney Yes their powerful music videos and songs were what made me a fan. If this current concept is what they want to pursue, then I will definitely support them but I want at least one more comeback with their old style.
@yehetmyohorat99 im always like that with 4minute and teen top songs - it takes me MONTHS to get into them and then they're my JAM hahahahahhaha
@daljiyong Personally I like all there past mvs, that's what drew me in. Like the mvs before the lawsuit are better than feel so good and this mv.
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