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When I was a little girl, people always used to tell my dad that he looked like Mike Ditka, most famously known as a sports commentator and the former head coach of the Chicago Bears. Even to this day, whenever I see a picture of Mike Ditka, I always get this eerie feeling because it almost looks like I'm looking at my father!

Do you have any celebrity look-alikes in your family? Have people ever told you you look like someone famous?

will I make it in time for autographs or is it already too late?
@BeannachtOraibh LMAO That sounds like a comparison that an elderly British woman would make. Maybe she's talking about young Princess Fergie? I feel like Fergie was a huge celebrity when she was actually much younger.
I was stopped in another state by an elderly British woman who thought I was Princess Fergie. When I got home, I Googled the princess and felt like I must be looking old now or she just saw my red hair. I'm surely not regal, in any fashion.