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Happy Memein' Fiction Mondays~

It's been so long since this one was updated...sooo...it is a long one for you all this time!
Also, I promise...that it will have been worth the wait...*laughs evilly* Enjoyy XD
Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I gotchu~

Chapter 15 - 'Holy shi---take mushrooms'

As I started to stir, my body rejected my attempts of trying to crawl back under my covers to fall asleep once more.
Tired and frustrated, I sat up slowly and looked down to see that I was still in the same clothes from yesterday.
Guess I was too lazy to change out of them.
I shifted and moved to the edge of my bed. As I got up I was hit with a killer headache. My hand instantly went up to my forehead as I winced in pain.
Holy lord, how much did I drink last night?
Trying to move slowly, I dragged my feet to my bathroom and when I looked at the mirror I almost jumped out of fear. My hair was all in tangles and I looked like I hadn't gotten any sleep.
Terrified of my appearance, I quickly decided to take a shower. After undressing I quickly hopped in and cleaned myself of the mess I was.
I grabbed a towel and dried my body and hair, feeling lighter already. After going threw my closet and picking something comfortable and easy, I quickly got dressed and went to look at my phone.
"Hey you never texted me last night so I just wanted to check up on you? Did you have fun?" The text was from Taehyung. Wait...I don't remember much from last night. The last thing I remember was us singing Big Bang's Bang Bang Bang. What happened after that?
"I think so. I kind of drank a little too much last night so I don't remember much of it to be honest. But the parts I remember were had fun!" I texted back.
"Who were you even with last night? Is it someone I know?"
"Yeah. It was Jin. Sorry, did I forget to tell you? We kind of...went on a date last night." I responded, probably being way too honest for my own good.
"Oh. I didn't know that. Well it sounds like it went well despite the fact that you got hammered but I am sure he made sure you got home safe."
"He did for sure. I woke up in my own bed which I am very thankful for." I stared at what Taehyung said above. He sounds a little strange. Is he okay?
"Good. Because if he would have done anything to you I would have beaten him up!" I laughed.
"Well thank you. Nice to know that you would beat up your own friend for me LOL."
"Of course anything for you~" He responded, making me smile. What a goofball.
"Okay well I'll see you in a bit for class. Sit by me?"
"Definitely. See you in a few." I put down my phone and gathered my things. After another 20 minutes I headed out the door and headed to class.
When I walked in I was surprised to see Kyung-il no where in sight. Maybe he decided to change back to his other class?
I dismissed the thought of him and instead headed in the direction of where the boys were sitting. I sat in between Taehyung and Jimin as they had saved me a seat.
I mumbled my hellos and got my stuff out of my backpack. After getting situated, I felt a stare at the back of my head. Curious, I turned around to find Jin's eyes on me. As soon as mine locked with his, he quickly looked away, his face turning a light shade of red.
Confused, I decided to ask him about it later. I really hope I did nothing crazy last night. I can get to be a handful when I am wasted.
"Hey Hyun-Ae," Taehyung whispered, bringing my attention to him.
"Hmm?" I responded.
"Do you have time after your classes today?" He asked me. I pondered for a second, calculating in my head how much homework I had and what had to be done.
"Sure. Why? Is something wrong?" I was curious to find out why he acted like that this morning. Maybe I was just overthinking what he texted me.
"No nothing's wrong. I just...want to show you something..."He trailed off. I quickly nodded, interested.
"Okay. Can I just meet you after my last class then?"
"Definitely. I can meet you outside of your dorm."
"Perfect." I smiled at him as he gave me his signature grin.
The day quickly flew by. Luckily, I was able to pay attention to my classes and I felt like I had gotten a lot done today. Although, at the back of my head the question remained - what really happened last night and why did Jin avoid my gaze?
Worried that I might have done something rash, I was determined to ask Jin about it tonight after Taehyung and I met up.
I headed back to the dorm and saw him leaning against one of the railings on the stairs, his fingers flittering away on his phone.
As I neared him, he glanced up and immediately smiled at the sight of me. He shoved his phone into his pocket as I came to stand in front of him.
"Hola~" I sang. He laughed at me. "What? I can't speak spanish?" I asked, confused as to why he was laughing at me.
"No I just found it funny." He chuckled. I laughed at him. "So are you ready?" He changed the topic as he put his hands in his pockets.
"Can I go put my bag away first? It's really heavy." He nodded.
"Okay, I will wait for you down here."
"I will be back in a few~" I called as I walked inside the building.
I headed to my room and after getting inside I placed my bag on my bed. I checked my phone to make sure that it had enough battery when my ringtone suddenly went off. Noticing that is was Jin I picked up, wondering why he was calling me.
"Hey, Hyun-Ae." He said. "Do you...uh- have a minute?" He asked. He sounded nervous for some reason.
"Sure, what's up?" I asked as I sat down on my bed.
"I wanted to ask you...do you remember what happened last night?" My mind reeled, replaying the moments of last night that I remembered.
"Kind of. The last thing I remember clearly was us dancing like crazy to Bang Bang Bang. Why...Oh no...I didn't do something did I? I was hoping I didn't because I can be a lot to handle when I get wasted. Did I throw up on you? Oh lord I am so-"
"Hyun-Ae." Jin interrupted, stopping me from rambling. "You did do something...but I promise you didn't throw up on me." He chuckled. I sighed in relief.
"Oh thank heavens. So what is it then? What did I do?"
"You um...Ah I don't know how to say it..." He mumbled into the phone.
"After walking you home, you started to head up the stairs but then you turned around telling me that you had something to tell me and it couldn't wait until morning." Oh my lord. Did I... confess? "So then you came down in front of me and..."
"And what?" My voice squeaked, nervous.
"You k-kissed me." My eyes widened to ten times the size they were and I gasped. WHAT THE HELL HYUN-AE. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. I started to turn red and embarrassed at what Jin had told me. The silence between us seemed to last hours until I decided to speak up.
"I am so sorry. I was drunk and I don't know why-"
"So it didn't mean anything?" He suddenly asked, catching me off guard. My heart started pounding at the situation and I became flustered.
"Well it didn't mean nothing...it's just-"
"What did it mean then Hyun-Ae? Do you like me?" Jin asked. I remained silent, not knowing what to do or say.
"Because if not this is cruel Hyun-Ae. You know that I like you and I have been waiting for your answer as I don't want to push you but-"
"Wait Jin." I stopped him. Aish, what do I do? "It's not that. I want to tell you but...I want to tell you face to face. I can't do this over phone." I admitted.
"Then meet up with me now." My eyes widened and my heart started to beat even faster.
"But I am going-"
"Hyun-Ae!" Someone called from outside my door. "Is everything okay?" Taehyung questioned, knocking to get a reply from me.
"Just a minute!" I replied back.
"Who is that?" Jin asked.
"It's Taehyung. I told you that he wanted to show me something so I can't meet up with you now. Can we-"
"Don't go with him." He stated, making me freeze.
"Why not?" I retorted.
"Because I don't want you to." His voice suddenly became small, making me feel guilty.
"But I can't just not go with him, he is literally right outside my door. Plus he is my friend. I don't want to do that to him." I explained, hoping that Jin would realize what he is asking me to do.
"If you go, I won't forgive you." What?
"This is crazy Jin. Why can't I go with-"
"Because he is going to confess to you." I stopped, hoping that I had misheard what he just said.
"W-What?" I stuttered, not able to hide my confusion.
"He likes you Hyun-Ae. I can see it in the way he looks at you. That is why I don't want you to go." He said, sounding defeated.
"B-But-" I started and trailed off. "M-Maybe it isn't that. Maybe he-"
"I promise you that is what it is Hyun-Ae. If you don't believe me then go with him. But if you do, then tell me you will stay in your dorm tonight."
"Hyun-Ae? Are you sure everything is okay?" Taehyung yelled out again, probably curious as to what was taking me so long.
Lost at what to do, I decided to stick to my word to Taehyung, no matter what happened next.
"Jin. I am going to go with him." I stated, more confidently than I sounded before. "I know you might not forgive me but I don't believe you. That can't be it. Plus, I told him I would go with him." I asked. When he didn't answer I continued.
"Just trust me okay? I will see you tomorrow and tell you everything. No more misdirection and only the truth. I promise." Knowing that I had upset him, I was surprised when he hadn't hang up yet.
"Okay. I trust you. I will see you in class." He responded and hung up before I could respond back. I removed my phone from next to my ear and placed it in front of me staring at the screen.
"Hyun-Ae, if you don't-" Before he kicked the door down, I opened it to see him standing in front of me, looking extremely worried.
"Sorry I took so long." I apologized, rubbing the back of my head. "I had to answer a call."
"It's okay." He sighed, looking less concerned than before. "I was just worried when you didn't answer back." He said giving me a small smile.
"Sorry." I whispered, more nervous to be alone with him than before.
"Shall we go?" He asked, motioning to the stairs.
"U-Uh," I responded, my hands grasping around my phone tightly as I hugged it to my chest. He isn't going to confess to you Hyun-Ae. Jin was just paranoid. Think nothing of it and return to normal or else he is going to think something is up. I closed the door behind me and stuck the key into my pocket.
We walked down the stairs and outside of the building, silence overcoming the atmosphere between us.
"So..." I started feeling uncomfortable. "What did you need to show me?" I asked. His goofy grin returned making me relax a little.
"You will see." He said, facing me. I nodded as I walked beside him. Could this be more awkward?
After a couple minutes we had arrived at the park at the end of the campus. Curious as to what he had to show me I thought we had arrived when he suddenly went toward a row of bushes.
"What are you doing?" I asked, confused as to what in earth could be over there.
"Ah come on, just follow me!" He said, motioning me after. I cautiously followed him inside the bush. He lead me through, making sure that I wouldn't get hit by anything when we suddenly appeared to a small secluded area surrounded by trees. There was a small empty spot of grass right in front of the lake and in the middle was a misshapen rock that appeared big enough for 5 people to sit on.
I was in awe. This place existed this whole time?
"Amazing huh?" He said, looking at me. I nodded as I looked around, taking in the place around me. Distracted by it all, I - of course - tripped over something falling to the ground. I expected to hit the ground as I closed my eyes when I felt arms wrap around me instead.
I slowly opened one eye to see that my face was buried in Taehyung's chest. My eyes widened for the fiftieth time today and I became embarrassed at how close we were. He laughed and I could feel it as his chest moved up and down, making my face heat up.
"You need to watch where you are walking!" He teased, still holding onto me.
"S-Sorry," I stuttered. He let go of me and grabbed me by the shoulders, staring right into my eyes.
"Pabo." He said as he ruffled my hair with his hand, making my heart explode. I glanced back up to see him smiling down at me and that did not help me calm down anymore.
When he let go of my shoulders, it took everything I had to stand upright. What the hell was that? And you heart - you need to calm down! Don't get all worked up because of what Jin said.
I breathed in and out, trying to calm myself down when Taehyung suddenly grabbed me by the arm and pulled me with him. He dragged me over to the rock in the center of the grassy area and sat us both down.
My shoulder brushed against his, making me flustered at how close we were.
"This is what I wanted to show you. I stumbled upon this area a couple months ago and whenever I feel frustrated or sad I come here and stare at the lake, letting my mind wander." I listened closely to what he was saying, understanding how this place would be peaceful.
"I haven't shown this place to anyone else before. But I really wanted to show you." He said. I felt my heart skip a beat at his words. I am the only other one who has seen this place?
"Well I feel honored." I said, trying to hid my embarrassment as best as I could. "But are you sure you didn't bring me here to kill me? Because this would be a good place to do so." I said, lightening up the atmosphere. He laughed at my response.
"No,no. There will be no murders here tonight, or ever I hope." I smiled at his words. "But I did bring you here for a reason. I brought you here because I want to tell you something." He whispered. I glanced over at him to see him staring over at me, his face glistening from the moonlight.
"W-what?" My heart started to pick up pace as he suddenly got up from beside me and stuck both of his hands out in front of me. I hesitantly grabbed them. He pulled me up in front of him and when I thought he would let go of my hands, he only squeezed them and gripped them tighter than before.
"Don't freak out okay?" He asked, smiling down at me. I tried my best to meet his eyes as he spoke but every time I looked up I became embarrassed at the way he was looking at me. He took a deep breath before he spoke.
"I like you Hyun-Ae." Holy shi---take mushrooms.
"I don't know when it happened but I started to like you shortly after we all met you. It probably didn't help when I slept in your bed... twice. And to be honest, I lied about having to sleep next to someone in order to fall asleep. The night after I broke up with my girlfriend, I only said it because I wanted to be next to you. I was touched by how kind you were towards someone that you barely knew and I think that started it all. So despite my attempts to not fall for you, especially after learning Suga also had feelings for you, I couldn't stop what had already been done. I like you Hyun-Ae." He continuously squeezed my hands as he spoke, leaving me speechless. All this time...he liked me? What the hell is this, Hyun-Ae's harem?
"I also know that you like Jin."
"I know, trust me. So, I just wanted to tell you this. I wanted to get it off my chest. I am not expecting anything back from you. I want to continue to be by your side, even if only as a friend." He then let go of my hands as I stared at him. He put his hands in his pocket and gave me a smile. Just when I thought my heart was exploding for the night, he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. My face immediately turned red against my will.
"I know this is a lot to take in but I am going to leave you be for a bit. Just stay here okay?" He said. I nodded still lost and confused at what had just taken place. I sat back down on the rock, staring off into space. Just when I thought Taehyung walked away, I felt something wrap around my shoulders. I looked down to see that it was the jacket that Taehyung was wearing. I glanced back to see him standing behind me.
"Just in case you get cold. See you tomorrow." In awe, I watched him walk away and back through the way we came. I snuggled into his jacket as I was in fact really cold. I sighed, emotionally exhausted from him and looked out at the lake to try to rake my brain through what had just happened.

Was Tae adorable or what?!

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