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I was so depressed that day. My bestfriend of ten years who became my boyfriend of three months broke up with me and cheated on me. I thought he was the one. He was the guy I waited on and he was the one always cheering me up when I had heartbreaks... but at that point I was breaking apart and I prayed and looked at the clouds and said "Lord, you can take all the men from my life... why did you take Carlo? He is my everything. He's the reason why I stand up after each heartbreak.. what now lord? How can I accept it? 10 years of friendship, gone." Those were the days when I just cried and cried. I was so depressed. And that night, I prayed for peace. I prayed that the lord will take the pain off my chest. That night, I had an unusual dream. Everything was so bright. It was a place not familiar to me. It was in the middle of the field. There was a white light house. So I entered. Then, a man appeared wearing a white shirt. I asked him "You're here too?" He just nodded. "do you know why we are here?" His face answered no. I didn't know what language he spoke and he was not at all familiar. He didn't even utter a word but we understood each other. I can't even remember his face. I just remember that he had white complexion and his arms looked manly and strong. Then we saw a stairway. The steps were made of glass. So delicate that if we step on it we might fall. So transparent that we can see what's beneath us if we step higher. So we refused to step. Then suddenly, old newspapers covered the glass steps. The news were not from my country. I can only recall a certain paper. It was from Europe. I forgot if it was Paris or Germany. It was bad news and the papers that covered the stairs were too old as if recycled and colored yellow to brown. The man and I stepped on those stairs. Trying to run and giggle because we were afraid but having fun. I forgot if we held hands or not. I really forgot his face. But as we approached at the last step, there was a round window. We stood side by side and we looked outside. It was a beautiful field. We can smell the grass. It was so fresh. The light that shined against the field made it look like silver. It was the most peaceful place I've ever seen. After that, the man and I decided to come down. There were no news papers anymore that covered the stairs. We were not afraid to of seeing what was beneath us. We walked slowly and silently. After that, we went out of the tower. His family came to fetch him. But I didn't have any family member to fetch me. There was a little girl with black curly hair who came to the man and he grabbed her in his arms. I saw the man's family but couldn't recall their faces. I think he had sisters and there was a woman who had white hair, with a round/chubby body. It was blurry and I couldn't remember any face. When I woke up, I felt so happy. The happiness in my heart stayed for hours. It was a weird dream. Now that I am 27 and a single mom, my baby has curly hair similar to that child. Sometimes I wonder, was it just a dream...