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We all gather into the dance studio at Royal Corp to put my baby brother to the rest. BeWhy, Reddy, G2, Tablo, Kush, Dok2, Beenzino, Flowsik, Jay and Simon were the only ones that were able to play judges for me. Beenzino was attached to my side, and making sure Simon was no where near me.
I just giggled softly as Simon and Beenzino play fight over me. I just help Jay and my brother get everything ready for Tyson's test. "I wish you had your voice back, Lavi. That way you could rap circles around Tyson."
Everyone looked up at Lance and me, a bit shocked. "Oh she told any of you? Lavi can rap and I mean like BeWhy rap. She could of been a big thing, but she felt the need to protect her family." I noticed Jay's expression shift from shock to annoyance glare.
"The moment you're little punk ass gets your voice back, you are so rapping for us." I winked at him before going to get Tyson. He was pacing the hallway, as Samantha lean against the wall, watching him. "Seriously need to teach me how to do this to him too."
She was requesting I show her how to put the fear in Tyson, but I was only able to because he loved and respect me. I texted Samantha, 'Just threaten to call me, he'll get his act together'. She laughed, before going into the room with the others.
I stopped Tyson from pacing and gave him a big hug. I felt his body relax, before he return the hug. "Lavi, I just want to make you proud. You've sacrifice so much, that I honestly want to do what I love and make you proud."
I petted Tyson's head, and gave him a peck on the cheek. He smiled warmly at me, after I gave him the thumbs up. "Thank you for everything, Lavi. Makes me happy knowing you finally found something other than family, that makes you happy."
We walked in together, with our arms around each other. "Okay, why is it our brothers love you more." Samantha pouted before Lance pecked her cheek to shut her up. "So Ty, how we doing this? You gonna do a cover or freestyle?" I looked over at my baby brother and brush dirt off his cheek.
"Freestyle, I want you to see my skills not someone else's." I squish his face, whilst smiling, before skipping over to Simon. Beenzino still wasn't having it though, and had me go to his side. Earning a glare from Simon. Lance got ready to play the music, as we all stood against a wall. Tyson was in the middle and cued Lance to play the music.
'Ever since I was a youngin' I knew what I wanted to be
I plan to show the whole world who's the true king
I be splitting these sick rhymes like a smoothie
This kids flow be luring you in with the skills of a siring'
I couldn't help but grin, as I nudged Samantha. She just shook her head, as we just kept listening to my brother. He had the rhyming skill set down, he was off beat though. Kush was the one that stop Tyson mid-performance.
"Sorry kid, I'mma stop ya right there. You got talent, but you need more practice. Possibly someone you can learn from, too." The others were in agreement, as they all spoke up. I snuck over to Simon and back hugged him, after he spoke his peace.
Simon look behind himself, to smile at me. I type out my thoughts, 'I agree he got skills too, so why don't we just give him myself, and I officially move in with you'. He nodded in agreement as I noticed Beenzino looking around.
"Yah! Why you gotta steal my starlight!" He pointed at Simon, as they all started to noticed what I saw as well. Beenzino was coming off way too strong, that it was hard not to notice. "Dude, My wifey wants to snuggle me, she'll go to you later."
Beenzino pouted and crossed his arms. Dok2 just patted his back, whilst I went over to Samantha. 'Sign Tyson as a trainee, and have him learn under a rapper producer', I type out my idea for my sister to see. She agreed at the idea, and waved for me to tell Tyson.
I went over and hugged my baby brother, making him smile. 'Sammy agreed, she's gonna sign you as a trainee, and I'll give you my apartment too. This way you can learn under rapper producers like the guys here', I texted on my phone for Tyson to read.
"Seriously! I love my sisters so much!" He hugged me, before running to hug Sammy. "Thank you Sammy, thank you!" He was so happy it made me happy. "You're lucky too, half your sister's stuff is already at my place."
Simon teased Tyson, whom was grinning ear to ear. "Whoa wait what?" Samantha looked at Simon, as did everyone else. "We made a deal with Tyson-ah, if he shows us he got the talent, he can have his sister's place." They still all looked confused.
"What he's saying is, the future newlyweds are moving in together." Samantha looked at me surprised, as Tyson cheered, and Beenzino looked hurt. I ran into Simon's arms, and snuggled up to him. Like he had said I was already half way there.
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