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[Recap] Season 2 premiere, just in case don't want to getcho crayons yet and get crooked!
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Can I just say, I'm REALLY enjoying writing this petal for everyone.... ;)
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Please enjoy!
Chapter 5~
Once in the safety of the hotel suite, Ji-Yong hands you a tall glass of water and settles in the chair across from you, leaning in to give you his full attention.
“Better?” he asks, his voice tranquilizing your body from its antsy state.
You nod slowly, “better.”
His fingers lace together, creating a cushion for his chin as he stares at you with a small crease in between his eyebrows. “Are you going to tell me what happened?”
Your hands fold together to keep themselves from exposing your rising jitters again. “I had a bad dream.”
“A bad dream?” He repeats. “No way. Not buying it. There's more that you're not telling me, I can see it in your eyes.”
You press your lips into a fine line and lower your head to avoid his burning stare. “I guess I overreacted about the dream.”
His eyebrows shoot up, “Overreacted? About a dream?” He leans back into the chair and runs his hands through his locks briefly then comes forth again with hard eyes. “Tell me about it. What scared you into having a meltdown?”
Vibrant images of your dream come rushing forward to the surface of your conscious, making you wince at how realistic it had all felt. “It was about that night.”
His expression immediately liquefies, causing him to scoot his chair closer to you to wrap his fingers around your quivering hands. “Oh, I'm sorry. If you don't want to talk about that, it's okay, I won't push it. It's hard to realize how traumatic the situation must have been for you when I came over here to distract myself.” His thumb rubs your knuckles. “You're with me now, I'm going to make sure you don't experience an episode ever again, got it?”
“Thank you,” you breathe, feeling the warmth of his touch ease the images away.
Ji-Yong stands up and makes his way to the kitchen. “I'm glad you came today, I had the day all to myself so I figured it'd get boring after a while but now that you're here, we can do something together. It'll keep your mind off things and leave us refreshed for tomorrow.”
You glance at him with heighten curiosity. “Leave us refreshed- what's going on tomorrow?”
“I have a photoshoot, and you're coming with me.”
“What? Why?”
He grins, “because I can't leave you alone by yourself anymore.”
The ringing of an old fashioned alarm clock stirs your sleep away. You groan at the annoying sound and roll over on the soft bed that your body had melted into. A soft knock on your door makes you shoot up, completely surprised by sound.
Ji-Yong pokes his head through the doorway, “you awake?”
“I am now,” you reply, rubbing your eyes.
He grins, “Good. Get ready, we leave in an hour.”
“Ready? I don't have any clothes.”
He shakes his head with the grin remaining permanent on his lips. “My manager went out to buy some for you. Take a shower, I'll leave them on your bed when they arrive.”
The door closes gently, leaving you feeling guilty for letting Ji-Yong spend more money on you. <<It's probably going to be something equally expensive as that macchiato sweatshirt.>>
You force yourself out of bed and head towards the private bathroom inside the room. With the water ricocheting off your back, you roll your neck around, trying to release ever last bit of tension.
You had spent all day yesterday with Ji-Yong, watching movies in the suite living room and ordering in ramen and plenty of other Japanese cuisine. When his phone would ring, he'd let the caller go to voicemail, eventually turning off his phone, saying that it kept interrupting the movie.
He never brought up the topic of talking about the dream, nor did he verbally ask you if you were still doing okay. He kept his eyes on you and observed your behavior, creating conversation when you would get lost in your thoughts and remain quiet for a really long time. It warmed your heart that he was there to rescue you from allowing your thoughts to venture too deep in itself.
You turn and let the water massage your face briefly then shut off the shower head. <<He saves my life, I accidentally give him crap, and now I'm here getting spoiled. Aishh, how is this fair? Least I should do is thank him or buy him dinner.>> You step out and grab a robe off the rack. <<I really need to get my stuff together, he's really done a lot.>>
A bright white bag sitting perfectly on your bed catches your eye the second you open the door. <<Too much almost.>> You open it up and pull out the clothing, noticing the prices were ripped off from the tags when you lay them on the bed.
“Probably didn't want to hear me complain,” you grin. You slip on the easiest, an over sized sweater and dark skinny jeans, then pull your hair up into a messy bun and grab the only thing you brought that was worth taking, your phone.
Ji-Yong looks up the moment you enter the room. “Ready to go?”
You nod, “thank you for um, the clothing.”
“Don't mention it.” He reaches into small bag on the counter and hands you a medical mask. “You're fluent in Japanese, right?”
“Yeah, why?” you answer, taking the mask.
“Good. If staff asks why you're here, tell them you're here to translate some things for me.”
“Oh, okay.” <<Oh yeah, I'm with G-Dragon. Why do I forget that?>>
“Let's go, a car is waiting for us outside the hotel.”
“What is the photo shoot for?” you ask once you arrive at the location.
“Vogue actually.”
“Vogue? You work a lot with them, I have some of the magazines.”
He stops and turns to you, his eyes burning, revealing deep interest in the topic. “Oh do you?”
You stare back at him with widen eyes, “T-they have g-good articles.”
He turns away to snicker and keeps walking. “I'm sure they do.”
You follow Ji-Yong into a small room and take a seat on the couch further back from Ji-Yong after greeting all the workers so they could do his hair make up. The director walks in, making you shoot up to greet him with a bow. Telling him that you were there to translate for Ji-Yong went off without too many questions, even got you instant recognition as the foreign flower.
“Help yourself to anything, miss.” The director smiled and exited the room.
You plop back down on the couch, “I had forgotten how well media travels around the globe.”
“With a face like yours, camera's will be on you wherever you go. You'll have to get use to it sooner than later.” Ji-Yong's make up artist comments from across the room as she poured hot water into a small glass.
“I guess you have a point,” you flash her a small smile then look away, hiding the true thoughts in your eyes. <<Would I be able to survive that though?>>
The sound of breaking glass makes you flinch. You look towards the source to see Ji-Yong running over to the make up artist.
“Is there a medic in the building? We need to get your hand bandaged immediately,” he says to the other staff members.
You stand up and hurry over, grabbing napkins from the table along the way to clean up the shattered glass.
“I'm so sorry, Mr. Kwon. I didn't realize I had overfilled the glass.” the woman bows her head.
“Don't worry about it, we'll find someone to fill for you, just make sure get the burn treated and rest your hand.” He reaches over and stops you from touching the broken pieces. “The tissue is too thin, you'll get cut,” he hisses then pulls you back behind him.
The woman leaves with a couple of other staff members, bowing multiple times as an apology for being clumsy. The remaining staff locate a broom and sweep up the mess. Ji-Yong heads back to his chair and buries his head in his hands.
<<Is he furious because of that?>>
“Can one of you please check up on her to see if she found help okay?” Ji-Yong asks loudly to the remaining staff. After a few seconds of them settling who would go, Ji-Yong catches your gaze through the mirror's reflection and calls you over with a finger.
He keeps his eyes on the mirror. “I want to apologize if I said that a little too harshly.”
“It's okay, I understand.”
He glances up at you then quickly looks away and sinks his teeth into his lip, “I uh, need to ask you a favor.”
You raise an eyebrow but remain quiet, making Ji-Yong to look back to you to make sure you were listening.
“It's a little embarrassing to ask but what else can I do? It's been over 10 years and I still don't know exactly how to apply eyeliner, could you help me out?”
“What?” <<That's it? That's the favor? The mighty Kwon Ji-Yong can't put on eyeliner without a little help? Good god, remind me why do I love this man, please!>>
“Please? I have to be out there in 15 minutes and I wouldn't want that woman to get fired for delaying the shoot with the accident.”
“Okay, okay.” You walk up to the mirror and pick up the only eyeliner available, liquid, then turn your body completely towards him. “Out of all the things in the world, I can't believe this is your weakness,” you mutter under your breathe.
He grins, “don't let the other members know-”
“Shh, don't move.” You cup his face with a hand to hold him steady and lean in. “This is liquid. One small move and perfection will become disaster.”
“Sorry,” he whispers, his lips blamelessly rubbing against the palm of your hand.
His eyes stare up at you, becoming bigger and bigger the closer you got to him. His cologne playing a mischievous game with your nose, almost making you shudder in bliss with how wonderful the scent was.
“Please look down,” you murmur. Ji-Yong obeys. You hold your breath in and press the pen to his eyelid.
<<I can't do this. No fan is ever this close to their bias. No one teaches you what to do in case you have to put on their make up. He's perfect already, he doesn't need this or any kind of substance on his face to make him even more perfect.>>
With one eye lined perfectly, you exhale the nonexistent air in your lungs and thank yourself for being properly experienced in makeup. You scoot over a bit to line Ji-Yong's left eye, unaware that you stood right in between his legs due to looking up to realize that you were alone with him in the room.
You tilt his head gently to the side, then carefully apply the dark liquid again. “Okay, look at me so I can see if they're even or not.”
Ji-Yong opens his eyes and gazes up at you. You pull back the pen and release his face, then lean in a bit to check the balance of each line.
“Close them one more time, just to make sure.”
As Ji-Yong closes his eyes one more time, his hands reach up and grab your face, pulling it down to crash your lips onto his own. Your eyes widen in instant shock on impact. Ji-Yong lets go of one side of your face to push himself out of the chair then slide his available arm around your waist, and pinning you to his body. You feel your eyelids begin to droop and your lips beginning to respond then immediately feel the absence of Ji-Yong's warmth as he pulls back and lets you go to sit back in the chair, just in the nick of time as someone opens the door.
You cast your eyes down and put the cap back on the eyeliner, pretending to be busy as the director asks Ji-Yong if he was ready.
“Actually, I've been thinking,” Ji-Yong says, standing up from the chair with a sly smirk on his face. “You know about her,” he nudges towards you. “and of her popularity. Wouldn't it be best for both you and the company to include her in the shoot? We do have outfits for women here, right?”
“Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant Mr. Kwon!” The director beams. “I'll get the wardrobe director on it immediately!” He excuses himself with a grand bow and hurries out of the room.
You glance at Ji-Yong who was already smirking at you, unable to say anything with staff members pouring inside to usher you towards another chair to get you ready.
<<What just happened? What is happening? What is going to happen!?>>
You sit through your hair getting pulled and tugged into loose curls, then through putting on your own make up, keeping it similar to Ji-Yong's to fit the style. By the time you get escorted to the set, Ji-Yong had already completed a few head shots and was taking a break on the sidelines.
You stand quietly for a couple of headshots as well until the director motions for Ji-Yong to jump in, plunging your heart into an uncontrollable acceleration with Ji-Yong close by again. You reply the kiss over and over again while posing with Ji-Yong, at one point, internally screaming as the director positioned Ji-Yong to breathe on your neck as if to kiss you while you looked at the camera.
“Brings back good memories, don't you think?” he mutters to you quietly.
“What memories?” you hiss back.
“The music video, the photo shoot after, those were wonderful memories.”
“We did that very same pose, didn't we?”
His eyes flicker to yours, “kind of. Only this time, I got to be closer to where I want to be.”
He grabs your hand and spins you around then lays his head on your shoulder.
“Beautiful Mr. Kwon!” The director applauses. “Now we just need to-” The director walks up to you and pulls your hand away from Ji-Yong’s grasp and places it on the side of Ji-Yong’s face, then tilts your head away towards the camera. “Keep your eyes lowered like you’re trying to run away from him but you can’t because you love him. There! Perfect! What a beautiful pair!”
Your breathing hitches when Ji-Yong’s arms tightening around you. “Don’t think I’ll let you go so easily,” he whispers with the obvious grin wrapped around his words.
<<He’s playing with me. He has to be.>>
“That's a wrap everyone!” The director yells, making Ji-Yong release you and flash a sweet smile.
The director approaches you again, drawing your attention from the runaway dragon. Many bows and handshakes later, you head back to the dressing room and change, taking up every last second to replay what happened from beginning to end and figure out some sort of conclusion.
<<What the hell is going on? Am I still asleep? Did I accidentally fall into a coma on my way to Japan? There's no way in hell Ji-Yong kissed me so openly, no way.>>
You step out, staggering backwards after seeing Ji-Yong waiting for you in the hallway.
“You ready? I'm getting hungry,” he smiles.
“How long have you been standing there?”
He shrugs, “come on, let's get out of here and have lunch.”
<<Am I not even allowed to ask what happened?>>
Despite the long and silent car ride full of awkward eye contact from you and plenty of snickering from Ji-Yong, you arrive at a fancy looking restaurant. You get out and glance around, taking in the classic Japanese architecture.
“Come on, we have reservations,” Ji-Yong says, appearing beside you and slipping his fingers around your hand, tugging you inside the restaurant.
Your feet respond automatically to his voice, carrying you closely behind him as he maneuvers through the restaurant to a booth in the back. You feel Ji-Yong’s eyes on you during the entire time you check out menu, making unwanted butterflies to hatch and take flight in your stomach.
<<What do I say?>>
“Why are you so quiet?” Ji-Yong asks, bringing his wine glass up to his lips, capturing the attention of your eyes.
You press your lips into a fine line, unable to break up the eye contact. “I didn’t realize I was being quiet,” you respond in a soft tone.
He sets down the glass and glances away to release a sigh, then scoots forward on his seat and folds his hands together for his chin to rest on. “Then shall I be the one to clear the elephant out of the room?” He grins mischievously.
<<He doesn’t mean->>
“I like you. A lot. So much, that I couldn’t hold it in anymore.” He relaxes his shoulders and lifts his head from his hands. “I would have told you the day I realized what I felt, but in all honesty, I didn’t know how it would work out. You with your busy schedule which I’m sure will only get busier and me with the members preparing for a comeback and a bundle of things I do for my own personal affairs. It was something I’ve been internally debating for quite some time now.” He backs off and leans into the back cushion of the seat, dipping his head to run a hand through his hair before looking back up and smiling shyly. “That night I went to your apartment, I went to confess. And after going through that mess with you and seeing how it left you, I couldn’t contain myself. I had to be with you, I had to keep you around, I wanted to be with you…. I wanted you around.”
“Is that why you kissed me!?” you hiss.
He snorts, “well yeah, you were right there and I couldn’t help it-”
“You’re not suppose to do that!”
“You don’t kiss the girl before the confession! That’s playing with emotions on a dangerous level! I thought you were teasing me again, that you were going to later do something even worse like- like- like-”
“Like?” he smirks.
“I don’t know! Just something!”
Ji-Yong chuckles, “well if you want me to do it again, I’d be more than happy to-”
“It doesn’t work like that! What’s done is done! There’s no re-dos in first kisses!”
He smiles from ear to ear, “so I take it, you feel the same.... about me?”
“Of course I do! I’m just pissed because you didn’t give me a chance to kiss you back!” You fume quietly.
He chuckles again, “I’ll give you plenty of chances to kiss me back from now on, baby.”
The food arrives just in time to keep you from replying, making you sit through Ji-Yong’s beaming smile as the waitress set everything out. She paused for a second to flicker her eyes to you and Ji-Yong then excused herself with a bow.
“Eat plenty,” he says, gesturing his chopsticks towards the rice. “I don’t want you falling ill on me now that I can drag you everywhere I go without an excuse.”
You raise an eyebrow, “drag me everywhere you go?”
“Well I can’t leave you by yourself when there’s so much for me to show you. You’re my girl, I’m going to treat you like a queen.”
You roll your eyes, “you’ve already done enough for me and I’m not asking for anything in particular. How about we have a normal relationship?”
“Sure we can. It’ll just be my definition of normal,” he winks then begins eating.
<<Kwon Ji-Yong. Your definition of normal includes traveling, photoshoots, parties, attending fashion shows, spending day and night in the studio, performing locally and internationally.>>
He looks up again, noticing you haven’t taken your eyes off him, motivating him to blow you a small kiss that sends shivers down your spine immediately.
<<Looking flawless in everything he wears, making thousands of girls die at the mere sight of him while others beg for mercy, biting that delicious lip of his.>>
On cue, Ji-Yong licks his bottom lip then sinks his teeth into it, shooting you a playful wink.
<<Good god, why am I still breathing!? How is this man even legally able to step foot in countries around the world? I feel so attacked just by looking at him! What am I saying? He already attacked me with that kiss earlier!>>
“Are you going to eat or do I have to sit next to you and feed you myself?” he smiles sweetly.
Your eyes widened, “N-no. I’m e-eating.”
As you you head into the hotel elevator, Ji-Yong rips off his mask and throws an arm around you, pulling you tightly to his body. When the doors close, he buries his head in your neck and tightens his grip around you, trapping you in a tight embrace.
“You don’t have a clue how long I’ve been wanting to whisk you in my arms, baby,” he breathes down your neck.
You shutter, making him rub his hands up and down your back. He lifts his head and plants a gentle kiss on your forehead just as the elevator doors open to the corridor that lead to the suite.
With color on your cheeks and a victorious smirk on his lips, he lets you go and twines his fingers around yours, leading you down the corridor, extending his hand to twirl you around then pulling you in with his playful chuckling ringing in your ears.
“Okay. What’s with the aegyo all of a sudden?” you ask. “It’s creeping me out, are you okay? Did you have too much wine at the restaurant?”
Ji-Yong closes the door to the suite and leans against it, his hands behind his back. “Nope, just being cute with my girl.”
Your heart thumps loudly at the sound of him calling you his. “So you’re only like this because we’re dating now? Why did you tease me for the past several months then?”
“Oh? Did you want me to continue teasing you? I can do that.”
“Yaah! I’m not asking you to tease me!”
“Good, because I was going to either way. You’re cute when you get flustered, it gave my heart a cardio workout without me actually doing anything.”
You stare at him, “there’s no winning with you is there?”
He motions you closer with his finger. You obey immediately and step into his arms, actually wrapping your arms him for the first time.
Ji-Yong leans his head against yours, “I finally have you, and that’s the only thing I’ve been trying to win over for the past several months. I guess I can let you beat me at some things here and there, I mean, you’re beautiful so there’s no way I can challenge you there.”
You giggle, “I honestly thought you didn’t like me in the beginning.”
“Actually, I couldn’t stop thinking about you that first day we met. It was a little weird at first because I didn’t fully know what was going on, but when it clicked, I began to ache like never before.”
You pull back and look at him, “why did you ache?”
He smiles and takes his sweet time lowering his head to yours, “because I knew I’d do anything and everything to one day have you here, in my arms.”
His lips mold around yours, syncing instantly into perfect rhythm between beginning and ending each kiss, causing his hands separate as one tangled itself in your hair to hold your head in place and the other continued to pin you in place.
You pull your hands back to the front and latch onto his shirt tightly to keep you from caving in his arms. Ji-Yong licks the bottom of your lip playfully, making a soft moan to escape from your lips. He smirks instantly and slowly pulls back.
“Jerk. I finally get to kiss you and you end it with that tease? I wanna break up,” you pout.
He grins proudly and plants a small peck on your nose, “hell no. I promised you I’d never let you go, baby, and I fully intend keeping that promise.”
A smile grows on your face, “if I could spend the rest of my life thanking you, I wouldn’t hesitate a single day.”
“I know. That’s why you better get use to my teasing because I’m still going to be expecting a thank you after I annoy the hell out of you.”
You wake up the next morning with Ji-Yong snoring soundlessly beside you. After an evening of cuddling and watching more movies, you had excused yourself to go to bed, only to find Ji-Yong already waiting for you with open arms when you stepped out of the bathroom, using the excuse of not being satisfied with the amount of cuddling that had been done.
You roll out of bed, careful not to disturb him and slip out of the room to use the shower in his room so the running water wouldn’t wake him up either. After showering, you sneak back into the room to grab your phone before the alarm had a chance to ring. Disarming the alarm, you notice a notification banner from one of your news sources. “BIGBANG’s G-Dragon to be featured on the cover of Vogue magazine next month! Headshots released!”
<<So soon? Damn, these people mean business.>> You tap on the notification to launch the app. <<I’ll just download the headshots and keep them in my personal folder.... Totally acceptable now, right?>>
“What are you doing?” Ji-Yong says sleepily, catching you off guard with his voice.
“Checking my phone, why? What are you doing?”
He gazes at you, his eyes barely open and props himself up on his elbows, “waking up from a wonderful dream to see that my reality is even better now.”
You grin, “okay yeah, I like it better when you tease me. Your aegyo will be the death of me one day if I’m not careful.”
He grins and pats the space on the bed beside him, “I’m not happy with our cuddling session last night because you weaseled out of my arms. I officially request a re-do before we actually have to get up and get ready to go home, and yes, there are re-dos in cuddling session.”
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