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I knew he did this and I was searching for anything that had his version of the musical and I was so fan girling my throat hurts!!!! I love this mans voice so much emotion from it! He truly amazes me!!! Lee Hong Gi love love love 😍😍😍😍😍 I swear there isn't anything this man can't do!! Super talented
And then I come across this!!! AHHH wasn't he so damn adorable!! Too cute just too cute...I love how even now he's still cute, because sometimes I can't handle his sexiness like in Dracula 😍😱😭
I love my Hong Ki!!!! Gah I would kill to watch the Vampire musical...I eonder if it's streaminf on anything?
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@LemonLassie oh god me too!!! He was amazing in that video my feels where on overload
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I love his voice so much! so expressive!
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