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who do you think would win
This is hard
@xero0 If this is EOS Naruto then he has too much hax, but if it's before the Pain battle like the pic suggests Luffy curbstomps.
@HamadiKhaled Yeah, but other than that if this is EOS Naruto he can probably beat everyone else. Adult Gon is barely town level (which would be upper mid tier at the end of Naruto), Ippo is just a boxer so barely above normal human athletes, Ed is really fast and intelligent, but he's barely above superhuman levels, so for reference... around Captain America levels. Natsu is a little below town level of memory serves, Allen's powers only work in his universe if I remember correctly. Luffy could give Naruto a run for his money if Haki works like chakara, since he could tank just about anything Naruto could throw that way...
@HamadiKhaled Tsuna was able to travel so fast that he could speedblitz someone who could teleport. Gintoki has the ability to redirect lasers with a wooden sword (and whatever power he develops because... it's a gag manga. He does what he wants), and I doubt he would even be able to see/touch Ichigo since he's a soul reaper/ shinigami
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