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Just in case you are new to B.A.P and haven't seen their last comeback, I'll add it to the card below.
This video is amazing! It shows the hilarious personalities behind each member. Throughout each scene you'll notice that each member is either being too handsome or doing something that just not normal. The video is filled with bright colors that should draw your attention to each member because of their uniqueness. Enjoy their last comeback because this next one you could say is my jam.. *ba dum tss* (Oh please don't hate me for the terrible pun)
Now this comeback is awesome. I loved how much energy there was by all the members. Within the video there are references to many video. Some of their own and some from other groups. None the less, B.A.P still proves that they are a awesome group that can pull off any concept thrown at them. In all honesty thought, what concept was being shown. "Reliving K-pop Eras"? "Bringing The Passed Eras into Today's"? Tell me what you thing below in the comments