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Your perspective Pairing: Jimin x reader Warning: mature content
August 8th Let's just say that yesterday Jimin got a gob full from me. I started off by saying how sweet it was but then continued on to rant at him for 10 minutes. "I know okay!" He finally said at the end of it all, "it's a good way to promote early, I know you're working your butt off and I wanted to make promotions a little bit easier for you alright?" I hadn't seen him since then, I hadn't texted him since then, I kept away from him. It wasn't in a harsh way, I just felt that he needed some space before he made another blind decision in life. I love him yeah but.. maybe I am no good for him. I don't know okay, that time I spent apart made me have doubts okay. I don't want to destroy his perfect little life, he's such an amazing guy and I don't think I want to put him through any sort of pain or haste. He's so cute!
I thought about texting him this morning to see how he was after the little fight we seemed to break out into but I quickly disregarded the message. Luckily, I had Taehyung, Yuna (a close friend of mine) and Jungkook round. Tae and Yuna were both close, good friends whereas Jungkook? He came because Tae didn't fancy being the only boy - I could tell. They were all chilling in my dorm attempting to distract me from my phone, from Jimin. I couldn't help it, have you seen the guy? I didn't want to break his little heart, I'd never want to hurt the poor guy. He deserves someone better than me, yet he still chose me. Why? He probably knew it would end up badly, so why even bother? I'm not anything special.
"Come on Y/N, film's starting" Yuna called. The guys told me that we'd watch Big Hero 6 and so I unintentionally moaned in agreement. They didn't have to do this but they pretty much insisted. It was like they were ganging up on me. I removed my hand from my phone that lay on charge in the kitchen and joined the others on the sofa. Every time one of their phones would buzz, I'd think it was mine and dart to the kitchen. It was never mine though. It was never him. I stared at the phone one last time before even thinking about going to watch the movie. "I thought you'd be at least be excited to watch your favourite Disney movie" I focused on the voice coming from the kitchen's entrance. Jungkook.
"I... Was debating on texting him or not. Anyway, how'd you know it was my favourite?" "Tae told me." He moved closer towards me and tugged at my arm. "Y/N, you don't need to text him right now like Yuna said, the film's starting. You can always text him once the film is over okay?" He was being sincere and at that moment, I genuinely appreciated it, even if I didn't show it. "Yeah... I guess you're right" "I know I am" With that, he pulled me out of the kitchen so we could rejoin the others. He sat me down on the sofa so Yuna was sat on the floor in front and Tae was sat on the other side of me.
I curled up, quite stiffly, between the two boys at first. Once the film was half way through, my position relaxed. My head was rested against Tae's shoulder and my legs were laid on top of Jungkook's lap. The film ended and Tae went to get up but I told him to stay, I was quite comfy in that position. "But I need to take Yuna home!" Jungkook butted in, "but we can do that on our way home surely" "Or you could all stay for a sleepover!" I suggested. Maybe it was a bad move, I just didn't want to be alone. "I can't Y/N, not tonight I'm sorry" Yuna apologised. I just nodded in response. "Well then I'll stay!" Tae cheered. "Alone? Just you two?" Jungkook questioned.
It's not like I was going to pull anything with Tae, we were both past that stage. "Unless you wanna stay too Kook!" Let's just get this straight, it was Tae's offer - not mine. I certainly wasn't overly sure about him staying over but... "Well if it'll keep you outta trouble with Jimin, hyung, then sure" That was his flipping reply!?! I'm sure Jimin is mature enough to let my ex stay over the night alone with me... Okay maybe it doesn't sound great but I knew that Jimin trusted both the boys so nothing would happen. Anyway, once Tae took Yuna back, he grabbed a spare change of clothes for Jungkook (as Tae always left a couple of his clothes behind at mine - only because of sleepovers, don't worry). I decided to text Jimin.
~To Chim: I'm sorry about the ranting the other day, I really am. I hope you've been okay since then and we can see each other soon xxx~ There, sent. "Do you think I did the right thing?" I asked the peeping Tom over my shoulder. Of course it was Jungkook, Tae was still out getting clothes etc. "Y-yeah. Yeah" "You don't sound overly supportive" "Sorry I don't know what the right thing is with you anymore" He was worrying me now, "what d'you mean?" "Don't get me wrong, you're a... nice girl but you seem to go through Bangtan members like-" "So we're back to this again?" "I'm just saying that maybe over time you've lost the sense of who you should love and you seem to worry about your image more"
"So you think I don't love Jimin?" "Well no that's-" "Or that I didn't love Namjoon?" "Y/N" "Or Taehyung or Hoseok or Jin?" He remained quiet once I mean ruined Jin, "you don't get it do you? Everyone that I've dated I've loved, if I hadn't then I wouldn't have gone out with them. I see it as these are the boys I've loved, it's not my aim to go through all of BTS. I've dated other people than your band members!" There. He'd finally heard me out fully. I didn't want him judging me thinking that I only did this to get in the media, I didn't, things always led to another with these boys. Like when Jin and me broke up, Tae came to support me and that's how he ended up being my boyfriend. I never planned any of it and Jungkook needed to know that.
"Do you understand now?" I asked, wanting to break the awkward silence. He was staying round, I didn't want things to be weird. "Yeah. Sorry." I felt that he was going to carry on but my phone buzzed. ~From Chim: it's fine, I'm sorry as well, I should have checked with you before telling the world about your work. I have a surprise for you~ I was smiling like an idiot. "Jimin hyung?" Jungkook asked me. "Yeah." Then the door opened and Tae called to us, "Kookie, Mack, there's a surprise here!" Surprise? Second time that there had been a surprise. We made our way to the hall and that's when I saw the magnificent surprise. It was Jimin, he was staying over as well!!!!