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What is that?! Fucking #Ilovesuga after the goddammed scandal?! WTF is wrong with the world?! someone explain please how this became an overnight trend?!
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@jupiterchan To catch you up, basically, BTS 'banned' North America on Twitter because of some girl who posted a video of her masturbating and moaning out Suga's name.
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@CristalTrujillo I feel the need to correct you (sorry). BTS didn't ban anyone. It was a glitch. As far as everyone knows those two incidents are unrelated.
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@MaRubi Thanks for the clarification! As far as I knew, my sister was throwing this to me.
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You're welcome @CristalTrujillo. Both happened at very similar times so it's understandable why people would think she's the reason. But it was just a twitter glitch. They weren't the only account affected.
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Thanks @CristalTrujillo and @MaRubi for the explanation ^_^! I almost wrote explosion XD!
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