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WELCOME TO MEETING MONDAY!!! Every Monday I will ask a question and you will have to answer!!! (or not)
QUESTION OF TODAY: If you could Create a manga/anime what would it be about and why????
All of us at least once wanted to create an anime or manga of our own. So tell me what's yours!!
If not a manga or anime then maybe a book? Or if not create you own then tell what you would change in an anime you have watched or manga you have read!
My answer: I have actually create about 5 stories, but my main one is a manga I named "Broken Glass" it's kinda a thriller, horror, action manga. It's about a 17 year old girl named Kaiyo Kiyoko who seeks revenge for the death of her sisters, and becomes an assassin killing all other criminals. She is known as Bad Karma. 5 years later she is asked by the rebellious group, who called themselves Broken Glass, to destroy the leader of a mafia group who somehow managed to take over the country. The only reason she says yes is because one of the mafia members was responsible for the death of her family. Will she be successful in finding revenge? Or will she be killed before that? Why this genre? I love horror and action stories! Also because it's not as predictable to know how the story will end like in romance and other stories.
SO TELL ME, WHAT IS YOUR STORY? DO YOU DARE TO ANSWER?!?! Comment down below!!! (If you are not tagged go ahead and answer anyways!)
I am actually writing a book right now, its takes place in the 1600s during the golden age of pirates and its about a young girl who makes herself look like a boy so she could become a pirate, lol xD
Is that so? That sounds awesome! I would like to read that.
@Mikazuki1 I think maybe a romantic one??!!
@Mikazuki1 Thanks for the advice!
@JackiStyles Thank you for the information! I'll check it out
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