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Omg I have been waiting for like months, and now it's about to come out! YESSSSSS FINALLY!!! Well sad thing is I still have to wait like 5-6 months but at least I know they are about to release season 3
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damn I better get to watching season 2.... haven't even started
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@KippMohr Da feels
a year ago·Reply
damn, I'm excited but nervous cuz √A ended pretty freakin' feely, how will they follow that~ (T^T)
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.....I'm still recovering from the end of season 2......Im not sure if I can handle season 3 \( -_-)/
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I still think they should have rebooted the series since it went pretty far off the manga and was kind of necessary in order to follow into RE: but we'll find out where they are going with the series as soon as the season comes out now won't we.
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