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Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Sorry nothing "Green" here but how about "Pink" as in Mcd's strawberry banana smoothie? Might not be as natural and healthy but oh well it was so delish....feeling satisfied atm (*_*)
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@JohnLee you're korean right? could you translate what wild9550 said? i tried using google/bing translator and it just confused me more, XD
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My Korean is not the best... but "I want to taste it. The color is really pretty!"
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@JohnLee ...nooo, i think you did great b/c this is Google said, "Heh, I think sipeoyo lookin taste saekdu yippungeo" ...AND....Bing replied, "Tasted, only two colors, Schieffer--I think this heh" ....yeah, they both suck at translating....thanks!!
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haha no problem!
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Strawberry bananas!!! I want one right now. That sounds like the best thing on a hot, hot day. Like today.
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