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Okay so Jennifer Murphy I believe was Miss Oregon a few years ago and she may be the most racist person who makes up so many excuses for what I'm about to tell you.
She came out with a song called "I want to be neenja" which most people were upset about. Her friends supported this song on her Facebook page and her personal page. Just wait until what happens next.


I was so upset when I heard it!! Double Chen talked about it so I went to watch it and I was furious!! I could not believe what I was hearing!!
I'm trying so hard to not go on a rage!! She was saying so many things while initiating the Chinese Accent!
Another thing is she decided to take Double Chen's video and use it without their permission!! I seriously can't believe she would do that!! Like how dumb are you to think people wouldn't know you were being racist and making fun of the Chinese Accent?!
Do you think making excuses about how you went to one of the mountains in China to find a ninja is a good one?! You seriously don't know anything if you think you got away with it because you didn't!! I'm sorry if this was a bit intense but it is disrespectful to do this kind of thing!! What do you think about this?
First video Double Chen uploaded two weeks ago about this.
Second video Double Chen uploaded 4 days ago.
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I'm white ....and no where near being asian and I'm so very sorry on the behalf of this .......I'm offended as well as disgusted
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So, racist and stupid, Ninja are from Japan... still if she wants to be a terrible person let her, she's only digging a hole for herself, that she'll fall into eventually
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@MattK95 she made a lot more mistakes😔
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@KpopLifeu thanks
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