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I keep seeing this. Babyz saying they want "old B.A.P" back because Feel So Good and That's My Jam weren't "badass." It's not like they completely gave up on the badass concepts. Young Wild and Free was pretty badass. They took a break from it for a while. It's tiring for them to be deadpan while they promote, most likely. They can't goof around like they would normally. Shouldn't we be happy that they're coming out with happy upbeat songs? That they're writing happy lyrics? That THEY'RE happy?
Using Daehyun, let's compare the pictures from That's My Jam and Young Wild and Free. He was completely serious in Young Wild and Free, other than the painting scene. I'll admit the the badass concepts are sexy as all hell, but seeing Daehyun being the dork he is, makes the happy concepts that much more adorable.
Now onto the dances. Now right off the bat we can tell that Feel So Good's choreography isn't as powerful as Young Wild and Free's, meaning they have more energy on stage. Plus you can see them goof around more with Feel So Good. I guarantee they wouldn't goof around at all on stage, even at their own concert, with Young Wild and Free.
All I'm saying is, the badass concepts aren't gone forever. Please don't say shit like "I want old B.A.P back." You don't like their happy concepts? That's fine. Not everyone likes every single concept from a group. I would just say be happy that B.A.P are still happy after all that shit TS put them through and wait until the next badass concept comes out.
Sorry for this rant it just pissed me off to see people saying this all over the place.
It makes me angry too. They sound so good right now, and if they are happy, we should be happy.
@JaxomB exactly
I've been seeing that too and it's irritating!!!!
If anyone is a true BABY, they shouldn't say that. "Old BAP" and "new BAP" is only in terms of the year. Styles change and adapt. They've improved a shit ton since debut and I've loved every concept and album -___- True BABYz love the boys for their dorky AF personalities, not their freaking hair color and outfit choice (even tho they always nail it ;3) I totally get where you're comin from 😫