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DAY 49 - Subs or dubs?

I like both for various reasons, I can't choose between the two...


When I started watching anime back in 6th grade I was always looking for English dubbed versions of anime's because I wanted to pay attention to the anime rather than reading the subs. But when I was sort of forced into watching the subtitled version of Mew Mew Power because the 2nd half of the anime never got dubbed, it didn't bother me except for mark's voice which had become high pitched and he sounded like a girl but the English version he sounds like a man. Like why?
But now that I've seen plenty of anime and watched quite a few with English subs, I'm used to it!
I can watch anime with subs or watch them dubbed. There is one anime that comes to mind that sounds great both subbed and dubbed and that's Fairy Tail, it's the only anime that the voice actors sound similar in both versions. That makes the anime unique. They did great in that department. When I had to catch up on Fairy Tail and I was already used to the dubbed voice actor, I then had to convert to listening to the subbed because the dubbed version wasn't out yet. So, I watched subbed and got used to it quickly. I like to watch either or to be honest.
I honestly prefer dubbed over subbed just because it's easier to watch but then again some dubbed voice actors are annoying to listen to, I can't think of any on the top of my head. And sometimes I do like to watch subbed. For example when an new anime that I really want to see just comes out and it's only subbed. I am excited to watch it and sometimes I enjoy listening to the Japanese voice actors. Like Ao Haru Ride and Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji!
I do believe that subs are better than dubbed though, it's hard to find a good dubbed anime.

My favorite dubbed anime:

It's definitely Inuyasha, I love all of the English dubbed voice actors from Inuyasha. Their all perfect for each character escpecially Inuyasha's voice actor Richard Ian Cox, his voice is very attractive to listen to and just perfect!!!

My favorite subbed anime:

Fairy Tail of course! I thought each character's Japanese voice actor was perfectly chosen and fit their images. I can feel their emotions come to life in the subbed version. I think this might be the only anime where I prefer the subbed version over dubbed. It's one of the few that I've actually heard both versions of.

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments whether YOU like subs or dubs!

Let Me Know! ^.^~
I always used to wand dub but after a while I started to like sub as well now I watch mostly sub than dub
I learned to love both but my favorite is dub
I like both but I prefer sub over dub. it just sounds better subbed. the voice actors fit the characters better to me at least.
I only watch dub if sub isn't available. Usually I have a hard time getting behind the english voice actors and sometimes the dub is sooo far off from the original its scary and finer points get lost.
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