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You took a deep breath as you sat on the seat. Chanwoo's strong hands pushing it to the table. You gasp as you quickly look up at him before telling yourself to breath again.
Chanwoo smiles at you kindly before claiming the seat next to you. The table had four other people at it that weren’t Chanwoo and yourself. You were nervous.
Chanwoo leaned closer into you and you take a deep breath filled with his comforting cologne.
“Don’t be nervous, baby.” Chanwoo said with an assuring tone.
“I’m not nervous.” You quickly defended.
Chanwoo smiled and pulled up into his own space at the table. A new scent quickly filled into your nose. You looked toward the strong sweet smell.
Bobby nodded at you with a smile as he flicked out his napkin to lay over his knee.
You smiled awkwardly as you balled your fist up on your thigh and looked to the tall ceiling. Chanwoo's hand came to your clenched one. His soft touch letting you exhale.
“What’s good here?” Jinhwan asked as he played with his menu.
“I’ll order for everyone, if you’d like.” Hanbin offered.
You watched as Bobby shook his head to decline as Chanwoo hand flattens on your thigh and pushes in and up a bit, causing you to bring in your bottom lip between your teeth.
Chanwoo leans into your space again and your eyes widen at his sudden closeness. In every way.
“Get this.” Bobby said as he pointed to something on Jinhwan's menu.
“It’s really good.” He assured as Chanwoo pushed up your dress to make room for his large hand.
“What is it?” Junhoe asked as he abandoned his own menu to look over at Jinhwan's
“You’re so tight, Y/N.” Chanwoo teases quietly.
He knew that you loved it when he talked dirty to you, but now wasn’t the time. Was it?
Chanwoo's fingers ran over your panties one by one and you pull your lip between your teeth again.
A sharp looking waiter came over to refill a few of the waters before asking if we were all ready to order. Chanwoo's fingers pushed against your panties with the tips of his fingers. You held in your hum as he pressed on your clit before rubbing the spot softly. Your fabric adding more friction to his fingers.
You opened your mouth but then remembered that you couldn’t moan so you closed your lips with a hum. Hanbin gave the last order and the waiter was off.
“Aww.” Hanbin purred.
You realize your action most likely looked like a yawn. You want to apologize for the rude action but Chanwoo's fingers start to move faster.
“Are you tired, Y/N ah?” Hanbin asked as Chanwoo pushed aside your panties and continued to rub your sex.
“Yes.” You say weakly before snapping yourself out of it and looking up at Hanbin.
“I had a long flight.” You answer before you swallow hard.
Bobby hums with a nod before turning the tables attention to Jinhwan.
“You just got here too, right?” He asked with a point of his fingers and Jinhwan nodded.
Chanwoo's fingers pinch at your clit before he tugs on your panties even more. You were siting on them so his tug did nothing but rushed anticipation and desire through your shaking body.
You hum against your lips as softly as you can as Chanwoo's fingers return to you. His fingers working fast on your clit as you look down to watch his hand move. His watch twinkled when the light hit it just right and you wanted nothing more than to throw your head back and moan as loud as you could.
“Y/N hasn’t seen it yet.” Chanwoo said.
Your head snapped up at him with question. He nodded from behind his glass at his other members before the transparent liquid hit his awaiting perfect lips. You focused on how loosely he was holding the glass. The way his fingers draped over it so gently. So different from what his other fingers were doing.
“Seriously?!” Jinhwan exclaimed.
“You wore this on a plane?” Bobby asked as he came forward to pinch at your dress.
You laugh nervously as you bite your lip. Hoping that he didn’t see Chanwoo's hands or where they were or even how high up your dress was.
“You’ll love it.” Hanbin said.
“They’re quite lovely.” He added.
You looked up at Chanwoo with a twinge of confusion. Your body solely focused on his fingers on your clit. The sharp fast movements that made everyone’s faces a bit blurry from time to time.
“The hotel room.” Chanwoo said as he came closer to you.
Chanwoo moved from your clit to your entrance and pushed in as he brought his head in front of yours. Blocking your scrunched up nose and closed eyes from the other guests.
His fingers slowly exited you as he returned to his own seat. You take the second to breathe calmly before his fingers come back up to play with your tender clit.
You close your eyes for a second to try to concentrate. When you opened them again you saw Bobby watching you. He was in the seat to the other side of you and his fist was logged under his chin, the posture contorted his face a bit as his elbow held the whole thing up on the table. He squinted his eyes at you momentarily before turning his attention to the conversation.
“I read about that.” Jinhwan said.
“No, you didn’t.” Bobby comments sassily.
You scoot up in the chair a bit and Chanwoo works his fingers fast to button your panties around your thighs. He pulls them down to your knees and then pulls on your thigh to get your leg open even more.
You sigh softly as his fingers walk up your thigh slowly and you press your lips together with the thought of him touching you again.
Chanwoo brings his fingers to your entrance and you take your drink in your hand to cover your face a bit while he pushes in.
Your teeth push against the glass as he moved his fingers. The feeling was undeniably amazing but you were so close to everyone else. What if they caught you? What if they knew what you two were doing?
“Chanwoo?” You whisper and he brings his head down to your face.
His fingers push into you and you moan softly in his ear. Chanwoo bites his lips and pushes in again and then again. You lean forward and bite his ear lobe to hide your sounds before whining into his ear.
“Chanwoo..” You cry softly.
Chanwoo nods and speeds up while he backs away. You grip tightly into the sides of the chair.
You run a hand through your hair and buck your hips into his fingers. You try with all your might to control your breathing but you knew if everyone wasn’t talking then they would have noticed.
Something in your stomach caught fire and you knew you were close to seeing stars. You bite your lip into the feeling and look down as you close your eyes as tightly as you can.
Chanwoo's hand gave no mercy and the poor chair had your nail marks in it. The waiter came over to your side of the table and placed a plate in front of Bobby.
“Was this for the lady?” He asked and you knew he was talking to you.
“Yes.” You whine weakly.
“Speak up, Y/N.” Chanwoo leaned in to whisper at you.
“Yes.” Your voice wavered as he set down the plate in front of you with a sweet smile.
“Thank you.” You said, your voice sounded somehow sexy and the waiter blushed as Bobby's eyebrows pushed up.
You looked down at Chanwoo's fingers. You were so close. So close and every second you held in a sound made it harder to control your jumping hips.
“It’s good isn’t it?” Bobby said and Jinhwan nodded at him.
“Here.” Bobby said and you looked at him as he offered his cutlery to you.
You looked down at the spoon and he brought it closer to you.
You leaned in for the silver and wrapped it around your lips. The new angle allowing Chanwoo to move faster. You whine around the metal and throw your head back and moan softly as you come over his slowing fingers.
“I guess she likes it.” Jinhwan says and you quickly sit right in your seat and look down in embarrassment.
Chanwoo's hand comes to your back and rubs up and down as he chuckles.
“Y/N?” Hanbin says and you look up to greet him.
“You haven’t touched your food.” He comments.
You make a quick apology and grab your own device to eat with. You didn’t feel hungry though. You felt a need for revenge and you looked over at Chanwoo to let him know that this night wasn’t over. He smiled at you and came forward to kiss your lips softly before going back to enjoying his meal.
“How is it?” Bobby asked Chanwoo.
Chanwoo brought up the fingers that were just inside of you and your eyes widen as he kissed them loudly. Bobby nodded.
“Here.” Chanwoo said as he pinched off a piece of bread with his still slick fingers and handed it to Bobby. You watched his hand glide across the table and then Bobby took it.
Bobby plopped the bread into his mouth and hummed at the taste. Of you?
Something started building in your stomach as you watched him chew and then he looked at you. Bobby winked and you wondered if he and Chanwoo had talked before you got to the hotel?
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whoa is there a part two coming?! I need a part two
yoh yoh my face looks like a freaking Cherry! (which is a friggin hilarious pun because that's legit my name) 😱 shoh! I'm speechless...
the end tho wow lol omg
@BabydollBre right! @PrettieeEmm you got us blushing like little girls 😂
oh holy shit I thought Chan was bad but Bobby too you I think this is the first time your story made me blush this hard. I love this.
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