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Hello everyone! school is coming back so I decided for my last year of school I would do a K-pop, bias, 2/3 OF MY BIASES, binder!! I decided to do J-Hope and Ravi ❤❤ (plus I just barely learned they were friends..)
this was the end result :D I used: Floral paper, mod podge, text bubbles, and printed pictures of my biases ❤ of course lay out your pictures the way you want, take a picture (so you won't forget how you laid them down), and then start to glue them down.
I made the speech bubbles so if you want to make your own use this site and choose the option : Transparent PNG it's really easy to use so don't worry!!
guys I'm also starting a new job. I'll be working at a Vietnamese restaurant as a waitress! I'm nervous because it'll be my first time! I only have one day to learn the menu... Have you guys been a waitress?? if so tell me your experience! I'm so nervous omg
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I need one so bad