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WARNING: None You keep your eyes on him before adjusting your position on the couch to be more comfortable. “Why are the two of you in my dorm? You never answered me,” you mumble at them. “We have dance practice this morning, you’re on the schedule to be there. When you didn’t show we decided to come find out why,” Tong responds with a direct stare right back. You moan as you take a long drink of soda and close your eyes at the thought of moving your stiff body off the couch, let alone having it “walk” anytime soon. “I’m calling in dead today guys, sorry. My body is in full rebellion mode and I’m all for giving in to it. As of right now the only thing on my schedule is a long hot bath, ibuprofen, and if I feel more human later on in the day, maybe catching up on some writing.” You stand up and head over to the cabinet where the ibuprofen and natural muscle relaxants sit. Downing the medication you lean toward the counter, bending at the waist and holding on to the counter edge for balance. As your hips, back, and legs stretch she can’t help but let out painful little bursts of grunts and groans. “Wow, if I didn’t know you were in pain and couldn’t see you; I’d think some pretty good rated R action was going on in here,” Ae teases as he sits down on the couch. Your head remains down, “You wish,” you grump at him. Your head comes flying up when a soft “Yes I do” is heard back. Not sure which man said it, you straightened up, grab your glass and head towards the bathroom. Neither man gives anything away as they watch you pass by. You step into the bathroom, started the tub, and re-emerge to shoo them out. “Didn’t you say you had dance practice? How will it look when the leader and image of the group are late?” Before they realize it, you have swept them off the couch and standing in the hall in front of an open door. You wiggle your fingers goodbye at them, slam and lock the door. You can’t decide which is worse; your alarm going off yesterday after only four hours of sleep or getting up to stiff muscles at 5:00 today, to dance. From experience you know that after the first couple of songs your muscles will be warmed up and you'll feel better. Besides, once the music is turned on there isn’t any way you can stop yourself from moving. You check the board on the way to the practice rooms, no one is signed up until around 6:30,. You start off with a warm up to Xia’s Flower, and head straight into Tarantallegra. There are certain songs that speak to you; they are easy to spot. They are the ones that whisper “louder” and as you increase the sound and it feels as though you have become the music. The music that unconsciously moves your muscles no matter where you are or what you are doing, it is involuntary, a necessity. Tarantallegra does that to you. Fitting as the song is all about dancing. Words from the song begin to fill your head; “Tarantallegra Let’s enjoy Tarantallegra Be intoxicated with music Tarantallegra So what Tarantallegra Don’t hesitate Tarantallegra The music Tarantallegra You will feel it Tarantallegra This moment Tarantallegra Abandon yourself Now aren’t you tired of the world controlled by them. Just stop thinking this and that over again. Dance with all your passion in this moment" You bet if they play it at your funeral your dead body would rise up and dance. As the music enfolds you, you tune out everything and almost miss the shadow that comes through the door and stands just unseen against the far wall. Tong didn’t have anything on his schedule until the 7 am dance practice filming. He rolls out of bed around 4:30 to make sure he's at the practice rooms shortly after 5. He is meeting Ae and the rest of his brothers for a surprise early practice. The surprise isn’t on them but on Laurie. He is determined to see one of her morning workouts after Mr. Kim explained about them the other night. He doubts it is as strenuous as Mr. Kim has said; however, he could not go in alone nor participate by himself out of respectability. He had requested the rest of the group join him. They all laughed and thought they would show her up with their epic dance moves. He had not broken his word, he did not tell them who she used to be. At about 5:05 they quietly made their way down the hall towards the room showing light from the window. Her music was throughout the room and not just in her ear phones as he had expected. Noticing that she kept minimal lighting on during her routine, they began one by one to step inside, keeping to the shadows along the back wall. If she paid any attention to what was around her, she would have seen them, there really wasn’t anywhere to hide in a practice room. She appeared fully engrossed so they took some time to watch and became just as engrossed into the world her dancing created. The one good thing about slight ADD? Nothing gets the jump on you unless you're deliberately oblivious. Since any little movement out of the corner of your vision catches your eye, it is easy to forestall surprises. After the third member made his way through the door, you decide to simply outwardly ignore that they are there. Meanwhile as your body dances, your mind races with questions about why they would be here. They aren’t on the schedule and there were plenty of other rooms available if they need to practice. Your music changes songs to Rain, the La La La Song. By the chorus about three of the members have joined you on the floor, making it more like an old dance practice. If they expect shock on your face, they are highly disappointed as you simply acknowledge them with a nod and continue on. Most idols warm up to other Idol songs or their favorite American music; however, most do not put in an hour straight doing the dance version of each song. DeLish’s songs came on around the thirty minute mark and those that weren’t already on the floor join in. A few even tried to sing their parts; a couple that have been out there the longest, fail. The longer they have been idols, the further away they have moved from doing full dance routines with their songs. As you watch them behind you in the mirror, you figure your secret is out. You can only assume that Tong told them and hope that they respect you enough to continue to keep your secret to themselves. Seeing you laugh at their vocal fails, they stop dancing and start goading you into trying to sing while dancing. They figure you won’t have the lung capacity, same as them, maybe they don't know your secret, but they soon will. You keep on dancing and when the music changes, take a deep breath. If your secret is out, there is no reason to not be your normal self and sing along. You found out while still a teenager that you can control your breathing and heart rate better if you sing along, not just dance. You step to the side, slip out of your practice shoes and into a pair of dance heels. You pull your hair out of your pony tail and head back to the floor, just as the beginning notes of your groups biggest hit, Enchantment starts. Breathing heavily and sweaty, the group is having entirely too much fun teasing and goading you. Tong starts towards them to get them to back off when he notices the music change. He knows the song instantly as he had listened to it on repeat for the first year it debuted. It is still on his IPod for bad days. He turns to you, but instead finds Fire, in full idol mode and he's transfixed. Seeing you like this makes him wonder how he hadn't recognized you before. You start to sing and you sing the entire song, not just your part. As you sing, you incorporate the dance version of the video and there is not a trace of the fact that you have been dancing for the past forty minutes. He hasn’t told the other members who you are, he didn’t expect you to give in to the goading and perform. He pulls his gaze away to study his brothers; is there recognition from any of them? There is no mistaking, at least not for him. There is no other voice like that. A voice that inspired him and gave him the strength to continue with his training to be an idol. Squall was the first CD he bought with his debut pay check, he had played and replayed it for years, surely the guys would recognize it. A few faces look confused, it sounds like her but maybe she's a female impersonator? People have that talent, it's possible. Tong pulls out his phone and open YouTube. He clicks on the Enchantment video at the top of his playlist and walks over to them. The moves are the same, the voice is the same, and there is no denying that even after ten years, those are the same curves and body. When Enchantment ends you react as though you haven’t just given yourself away. You start in on the next song and tease the group about being pansy’s that can’t keep up.
I just gave myself away, but I showed them to not underestimate their noona again! I love how Tong couldn't resist bragging for me once the secret was out.
That's right! show them noona's still got it!!
Yaaaassssss you go girl!!!!