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This week's chapter was really good!! The link to the chapter is at the end of the card!!
Zeref and Mavis obviously care about each other!! I just hope they end up together😢
Damn... Lady Eileen doesn't play around... And what if Erza is her daughter... She's just gonna go and order Ninehart to kill her off?!?
Gray vs. Invel next chapter!!! Yassss I've been waiting for this fight!!! And I can't believe Gray got cold because of Invel... His abilities must be great if he can pull that one off.... Link to Chapter:
Did Eileen make Neinhart? Like she did with the other two.
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@FairytailLUV that's a good question!! But I'm not sure I think it's too early to tell...
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I know its crazy that Invel could make Grey of all people cold!
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I would personally think they're sisters...
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