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Hey guys, It's about that time again. I really need some help figuring out what part to write next for the BTS fanfictions so I would really appreciated the help and please vote HERE! Of course, I am doing all of them, but I like to get all of your opinions. If you haven't read some of them here you go: Jungkook Pt 1 Jungkook Pt 2 Jin Pt 1 Jin Pt 2 Jimin Pt 1 Suga Pt 1 Namjoon Pt 1 J-Hope Pt 1 The poll dates will be from today (8/8/16) to 8/12/16 Thanks for reading, Luna Fergus P.s. there is a place in the link that you can write your username in if you want to be tagged, untagged or not. Please leave a note next to your name like EX. *username*(tag) or *username*(untag). I'm doing all of the BTS members separately and if you want to be just tagged for certain ones let me know. Tag List: @jeoneljay, @janellym123, @dchapple45, @SindyHernandez, @FalseLove, @Kpopfangirl15, @tiffany1922, @HeichousRegalia, @LizbethOrtega, @KatiePrihodiko, @Orihemay, @GreciaFlores, @Imoee, @Cassierchiqua, @NadineEsquivel, @Christinequach, @Michelle305, @Saeda1320, @Bikutoria13, @lopleaf19, @IsoldaPazo, @paligurl2846, @swarrier16, @MichelleRosa, @tinathellama, @MelissaGarza, @BTS34443, @tinahellama, @mrsjeon, @AbbyRamey, @ARMY98, @Mavis2478, @FromBlue2U, @twistedlove, @JaxonB, @BridgetJara, @SarahVanDorn, @IsisMayaVelasco, @RubyDusky, @AngelaDarkness, @JaeneashaJones , @kanatm, @sugakookies95
No, problem and I'm glad I have given you some motivation. I use to hate reading as well. I just can't believe that I just wrote something that people like. It gives me more motivation to write more. Thanks for the support @Mavis2478
@LunaFergus thanks, I just voted. Can't wait to read more. Thanks to these fanfictions I have started to love reading (I have always disliked reading)
if you click on the here next to the ! it should take you there @Mavis2478
can you vote in the link please @FromBlue2U
@LunaFergus which link?
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