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I'm actually both, when I'm tired I start day dreaming about things but when I'm concentrating my brain is filled with math..... well maybe a bit of yaoi sex scenes lol.
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@TakamiRen A secret club with a screte base and a secret password that is, "Fujoshis are fabulous" (or something) with a code that says, "Yaoi is love, yaoi is life, fujoshis I am, and that's alright, there is nothing I rather see that two men sucking each others D." (maybe change it a little) 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
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@Mikazuki1 Imagine tht would be so cool, I'll never skip a day of club activity if it was actually a real club in my school
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@TakamiRen I doubt they would accept it but yeah that would be awesome
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@Mikazuki1 True, it shows too much but it would be nice though *sigh*
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@TakamiRen *sigh* yes it would
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