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馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨GASP least popular members of boy groups
first up 2pm's chansung
#2 g.o.d Danny Ahn
#3 Dongwoo of INFINITE
#4 Dongwoon of B2ST
#4-5 HYUK-VIXX Jaehyo -Block-B
#8 Seungho-MBLAQ
#9 seunghyun-F.T. island
#10 Seungri- BIG BANG
and finally #12 Youngjae of GOT7
SERIOUSLY ALLKPOP YOU HAVE GONE MUCH TO FAR!!! ALL OF THESE IDOLS WORK THEIR LITTLE FINE AF BUTTS OFF SO THAT THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY LOVE I FOR ONE AM A BIG FAN OF ALL OF THESE BOYS tag list ~chingus~ @SarahVanDorn @KaeliShearer @SweetDuella @SassyMaknae @TheEnlightment @shelbyhusband @BabydollBre @Sailynn @JarviaKlipka
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This is literally half of my bias list.
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this list is so wrong ohmygod like really who gave them the permission to do it ...
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This list is all wrong!! There's tons of fangirls that fawn over these guys. They are most definitely not the least popular member.
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@AluSparklez oh my gosh! Unicorns are so rare lol! Yes, they hit me so hard I became the community moderator haha I'm hell bent on making sure I take everyone down with me when it comes to them XD
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@MadAndrea Right? It's because they're formed under a Chinese label so they don't get to promote as much in Korea, and Chinese music isn't as popular as K-Pop in the international eye :< Such a shame, they're so amazing v.v Yas, spread the UNIQ love!
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