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first up 2pm's chansung
#2 g.o.d Danny Ahn
#3 Dongwoo of INFINITE
#4 Dongwoon of B2ST
#4-5 HYUK-VIXX Jaehyo -Block-B
#8 Seungho-MBLAQ
#9 seunghyun-F.T. island
#10 Seungri- BIG BANG
and finally #12 Youngjae of GOT7
SERIOUSLY ALLKPOP YOU HAVE GONE MUCH TO FAR!!! ALL OF THESE IDOLS WORK THEIR LITTLE FINE AF BUTTS OFF SO THAT THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY LOVE I FOR ONE AM A BIG FAN OF ALL OF THESE BOYS tag list ~chingus~ @SarahVanDorn @KaeliShearer @SweetDuella @SassyMaknae @TheEnlightment @shelbyhusband @BabydollBre @Sailynn @JarviaKlipka
allkpop is such trash
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hell no!!! i love Onew!!! he is my number one bias. out of any group.
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Wtf ....ummm nooooo this is completely not okay. There is no "least popular" in my book because I pay attention to all of them but I pay a little bit more attention to my bias in that group
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Youngjae is a ray of sunshine that needs to be protected. How could anyone not like him? He's so sweet.
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I'm a fan of all the boys on this list but AllKpop has a point. You never really hear anything about these specific members unless you are a die hard fan who looks for it. Some of them are my biases and some are Wreckers. The others I still give my love to, because it's only fair.
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