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So I went into the kik chat my Xbox live friends put me in and this is the first thing I see. I can't even with that chat anymore. Help lol
Ya I guess both of those are true. And ya I would not like to die
a simple spraying down with the shower head will do the trick. then plenty of bleach.
@rexamisprime you got to clean that up. you have several options. First option: you can clean the vast majority of it by physically removing it with your hands and using a solvent to sterilize the surface. Secondly, you can use a your shower some other source with high water pressure to force the substance on the wall to the ground. they you have to clog the drain using something like multiple layers of duct tape. Once you find a way to clog your drain you can dump large amounts of bleach which contains ammonia or hydrochloric acid into the shower. Either will start breaking down the substance and once it's all a smooth liquid you can unclog the drain and rinse the sludge down the drain. NOW NOTICE I SAID EITHER BLEACH OR HYDROCHLORIC ACID. DO NOT USE BOTH. CHOOSE ONLY ONE. Bleach contains ammonia and hydrochloric acid contains chlorine. Mixing the two together creates chlorine gas which is toxic and CAN KILL when exposed to it in high concentrations which easily happens in houses. When using cleaning agents check the labels for ammonia or chlorine you know whether you want to use the ammonia or chlorine products. If you start with chlorine products stick with chlorine products and vice-versa with products containing ammonia.
I don't want to clean that up lol
What's the problem?