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Okay its another Manga vs Anime card, sorry. I just can't help but compare the two, since the both show different spectrums of the story. I also wanted to hear your guys opinion as well. This discussion won't include any of the recent anime arks they made or season 2. (I still have mixed feelings about Alois and Claude) ⚠WARNING SPOILERS⚠
First let's talk about Elizabeth; which in my opinion had the greatest transformation or difference between the two. In the anime she is this danty, cute, loves every thing pretty girl. Which often caused some trouble for Ceil. Which I thought was the most useless character in the anime. However in the the manga she sheds that danty, cute girl image to be the badass girl in order to protect Ceil. Although she does still cause some greif for Ceil. Like how she is powered by the urge to help Ceil and feels defenseless and gets caught up in trouble (image 5) We also get to see Elisabeth's bad ass family and more of her family background in the manga, which adds a lot more to her character than "Ceils wife" I'd personally say the manga version of her is so much better.
May Rin, Finny, and BardRoy still have the destructive happy go lucky attitudes in both the manga and anime. As always causing grief for Sebastian. But unlike the anime these 3 become much more helpful and badass early on in the story, rather than later on like the anime. It feels to me that in the manga Ceil is a little more open with them than in the manga. Like how he was so weak in front of Finny. (But this is just my assumption)
It doesn't matter if its the manga or the anime Sebastian is still "one hell of a butler." To be honest he keeps his stoic butler smile and nature in both. He make sure not to derive from the goal and keep things on track. However I think we can see a little more "emotion" or expression in the manga than the anime. (This is just my opinion) What else can I say he is still perfect in both, so no complaints here.
Queen Victoria plays a major role in both manga and anime. She is the sole reason the Phantomhive family has great presence because they are her infamous guard dogs. (Feel free to disagree, since its my opinion of it) However in the anime such a big character rarely had much screen time, she mostly sent letters to Ceil. When she did get major screen time she had the shocking appearence of a young girl. (Which I still can't come to terms with how she did all that) But in the manga the Queen has a great presence. She often turned up in front of Ceil giving him no different treatment as she would any other child. (Which I find rather amusing) She also turned up at events and has had several important discussions with Ceil. You also get to see some of the Queens "quirks"
Last but not least Ceil. In both he is stoic, young master who must always keep his cool as the "Phantomhive Earl". He is both cunning and manipulative to get his way and is never afraid to use his butler to win. He only ever falters in front of Elizabeth, which is kind of cute. But in the manga we can see more of a young boy rather than a young master. Which is very pleasant. He seems to break down sometimes and reverts to his scared self and even seems to truly enjoy his self some times. (Although everyove he makes is calculated and precise, I still think he enjoys himself sometimes)
I'm well aware that the anime was made while the manga was still being made, but i still wanted to do this. Although over all the plot of both are drastically different, I still think both are important. The difference between them show how he can accomplish his revenge in different ways. Well I can't deny that I just love Sebastians voice actor. Which also contributes to why I love the anime. Maybe they will make a remake of the anime that is closer to the manga like they did with the Full metal Alchemist.
You guys tell me how you feel about. Got any other opinions different than mine? Let me know!