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Her Joker for him ^-^
His Harley for her *-* Tagging: @BlackoutZJ
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@HamadiKhaled I know right. Even Joker himself wasn't impressed by the directing and how they potrayed his character x.x
a year ago·Reply
@Boinx yh they said that jared's joker was almost invisible in the movie. It's like he wasn't given the chance.
a year ago·Reply
@HamadiKhaled wtf? He's basically the main character he shouldn't have been invisible or not given a moment to shine. I bet they focused more on Harley x.x
a year ago·Reply
@Boinx the problem is they didn't focus on anyone, it was all a mess, just just a little bit of every character and they mixed thing up, 'spoiler alert spoiiiiler alert 'and the main villain isn't the joker
a year ago·Reply
@Boinx but the movie is still enjoyable though, especially for fans, go watch it and I hope you enjoy.
a year ago·Reply