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I needed to make a card with nothing but my lovely Jin to keep me from switching lanes. He's so sad because I keep swaying. "I'm a loyal Jin stan, I'm a loyal Jin stan"
I mean who wouldn't stan this man?
I mean look at him! Wait Tae how'd you get in there? And Jimin, get out of there! You too Hobi? Your smile is killing me Tae again? Really? Jungkook and Jimin?! Why?! Namjoon don't smile at me like that! Don't look at me like that Yoongi! Joonie stop making those faces. And you two again?! Stop! *dies from stress* You boys seriously need to chill...
I'm sorry my love! Okay as you can see I have a problem but I always come back to Jin, no matter how much I'm swayed. I'm a loyal Jin stan I swear! But seriously I am I just can't help it with all of BTS. They're all bias wreckers and they all kill me, but Jin kills me the most so that's why he has the top spot 😏 So the rest of this card is going to be about my #1 Enjoy!
That 4th one always killed me
I love older photos of Jin like the 7th and last one so much like you don't even understand haha
And my favorites is Jin with his #1 (me jk jk) it's food! And him cooking! He always looks so happy and squishy with food, I love it!
Hope you all enjoyed this and let me know how BTS has wrecked your bias list and how you stay faithful! Unless you're a BTS hoe which I don't judge I understand I've been there and I feel you haha Let me know if you would like to be tagged in any future cards I make! All photos were saved randomly from Twitter and Facebook. Please take no offense to the BTS hoe remark, this is all fun and games 😘 Tags πŸ’• @AlittleJoy @Melz064 @MichelleIbarra @raenel
@taetaebaozi he just always pulls me back I don't know what it is about him haha @BabydollBre saaaame, it makes me wonder how passionate he would be with someone he really loves. Like would it be the same intensity as he feels for food? I can't wait to find out whenever he dates someone (hopefully it will be me jk) haha
THE FEELS ARE REAL! 😭@EverieMisfit
@JayRaider ugh I know how you feel!
Can't I just marry him?...😭😭😭 -goes and cries in a corner- ... If I was in a fanmeet, I'll literally scream on top of my lungs" KIM SEOKJIN! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!" -faints bc of lack of air and BTS just literally killed me for the millionth time-
bts is seriously the hardest group to stan hahahaha
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