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Sorry for not finishing this during the weekend, I was super busy but we are back to introduce Seungyeon. If you miss the other members just click their names below Sungjoo Yixuan Wenhan Basic Facts: Full Name- Cho Seungyeon Birthdate- August 5, 1996 Birthplace- Gyeongii, South Korea Position- Rapper and Vocalis A Few Fun Facts!!
Dream is to become one of the most popular idol groups in the world and bring more joy to people
was originally a student in a Brazilian football school when he suddenly fell in love with music
He loves all kinds of food.
He is fluent in four languages: Korean, Portuguese, Tagalog, and Mandarin Chinese.
Check out his solo MV with Luizy as well!!
I hoped you enjoyed this intro on Seungyeon. Is he your bias/bias wrecker? Finally to conclude this introduction on UNIQ will be Yibo tomorrow!!! Tagging you guys: @SindyHernandez @AlittleJoy @StefaniTre @Mercedesbenz98 @mycreativename @ElenaP16 @MadAndrea @MelissaGarza @xoxorittie @ElishaFisher @amberg171997
Just gonna be a butt for a second, his stage name is Seungyoun. Seungyeon is his actual name. Otherwise, it's on point! I'm just a brat lol Thanks for making these
He's quickly ascending the ranks from my little fluff ball happy pill to bias wrecker...
@MadAndrea oh and you're welcome lol
@MadAndrea It's fine. Thanks for letting me know
Yup more bias wreckers to wreck my list and life.....he's worth it though
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