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I didn't realize until today I'm watching two dramas with Jolin Cheins. Better Man and Murphy's Law of Love. For the first drama, he's the youngest brother of an affluent family. For the second drama, he's the second lead. I think Better Man is the closest you'll see him as a lead character (please correct me if I'm wrong). Anyway's I'm going to focus on his role in Murphy's Law of Love.

[ Xiang Zi-Yan ]

A restaurateur, cooking instructor and amateur photographer.

He meets Xiao-Tong (female lead) when she dines at his restaurant and he was instantly interested in her because she resemblances a pictured displayed in his restaurant. He also happens to be Xiao-Tong's boss son. He plays the guy that will forever be the second option or not an option at all.

I call that the friend-zone nice guy.

This type of character will always be behind the female lead from afar.
You know when they say the nice guy will always lose? He's the perfect role model for that. Why do female leads have to set their eyes on the heartbreaker over the comforter?
So, out of all second leads why do I call Jolin Chein the ultimate second lead? Well, no matter what drama he's cast in he's always the second lead that never gets the girl (except for Better Man) but he doesn't have a competition.
Dear writer, producer. Please give him a lead role soon.
@cindystran Girl I got both of you!
@biancadanica98 For sure, I'm still rooting for Danson in Murphy's Law of Love. I just feel bad for the second lead. haha he's ALWAYS friend-zone.
@AimeeH If you do, don't forget the invite! lol
Awe he was so sweet in Murphy's Law of Love, I loved the picture he took of Yu Tong, and chef's are super attractive in my book. I still feel for the male lead in this one though as always. I rarely get second male lead syndrome. There are two times I got it really bad that I can recall but that's it
Can I marry him instead? XD he's so preciosu!
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