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Singer Kim Hyun Joong clarified the rumors that he doesn't respond to any of younger artists' bows. In SBS "Hwasin - The Controller Of The Heart" aired yesterday, Kim Hyun Joong came out as one of the guests. There have been rumors that after Kim Hyun Joong got famous, he doesn't accept or respond to any younger singers' bows.Kim Hyun Joong said, "It's not that I was too prideful but it's because I get shy when they bow to me. We're not in North Korea. I have nothing to say when they bow to me so once, I just said 'Yes' and avoided them. I feel like I became some authoritative leader." He continued, "When I go out to music programs, I don't even go to the bathroom that often. I don't want to see other singers bow to me," arousing laughter. Internet users who saw this commented, "His clarification is so funny," "He's so shy," etc. HEHE OPPP IS JUST SOOO CUTE :) SOOO SHY AND AND SOO HONEST I LOVE HOW HE RESPECTS EVERYONE AND BEING SOO FAMOUS HE DOESN'T THINK SOO WORTHY OF HIMSELF LOVE U OPPA :) <3 :-*I CAN UNDERSTAND OPPA HE FEEL AWKWAR WTHE BOWS HEHE HE JUST WANTS HIS JUNIORS 2 BE MORE COMFORTABLE AROUND HIM U SHOO CUTE SHOOO SHY SHOO HONEST OPPA LOVE U :) <3 @nonabisi sis check dis out his cute sweet honest and shy nature is 2 die for :) <3 :-*
@Nonabisi i Love his shyness 2 it just makes him more adorable and loveable and more,like,me,hehe i am shy 2 Love u oppa u shoo cute :-* <3
oppa i knew you were shy but didn't know it's that much.... fighting oppa :D everyday i love you more than before <3 <3 hyun joong
much <3 to you ...HyunJoong