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Personally, if I were an alien and you were a bunch of new species on my planet, I'd lock all of you up and conduct different experiments to figure out what the heck kind of creature you were. But there's also a slim chance I'd invite you over for chitchat and space beer.

What would you do if you saw a random alien species walking around your planet? Do you think aliens would like humans?

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@danidee Lol good point, i didn't think about that. But how can you resist it's a new planet though, a whole new life 馃槂
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@danidee they are working on it know. i do believe the documentary i watched said that there is already one headed to one of these areas. it will take possibly hundreds of years for it to get there. are also looking into ways that will help get things like satellites futher into space faster. it will be awhile before they can truly test the ideas in space. it will cost billions of dollars to build the stuff required to just test it.
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@KhaledH I know! It'd be interesting to be able to explore.
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@LaceChic1 That's so crazy.
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did you know that with the modern day space prob it will take half a millions years to reach the first planet that was discovered outside of our solar system.
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