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When u walk outside to play Pokemon GO. Let the heat begin minimum 100F degrees
This is my life.
that's how hot it is where I'm at thought it was 110 today
This is me, but not the cute part. Lol...
THE POKE BOT IS FINALLY AVAILABLE FOR FREE GUYS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBb2WqnlvJI (Youtube Tutorial + free download link) ^ TAKE IT WHILE YOU CAN! Here鈥檚 what this bot does: 鈥pdates every 2 days 鈥PS Location configuration 鈥earches for Pokestops and finds a route 鈥et your own walking speed 鈥et up fake Phone ID 鈥atches Pokemon Auto uses Razz Berry if the catch 鈥ercentage is low!) 鈥xchange Pokemon as per configuration 鈥uto transfer unwanted Pokemons 鈥ower up Pokemons you like 鈥uto Evolve Pokemon you like 鈥imit the step to farm specific area for pokestops 鈥udimentary IV Functionality filter 鈥djust delay between Pokemon capture & Transfer as per configuration 鈥atch eggs 鈥uto- Incubate eggs 鈥uto inventory cleaner 鈥et up proxy server
tis how I enjoy the feeling of 70s over here
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