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I have been blessed by YG with this new girl group called BLACKPINK. This is actually the first girl group I have ever got into since I have been in KPOP.
'BOOMBAYAH' and 'WHISTLE' are their two debut songs off of their single album, 'Square One'. Both MVs are way past the 1 million view milestone, but 'BOOMBAYAH' is almost at 2 million views -- in less than 14 hours.
Tag your friends and comment down below which is your favorite song and who is your favorite/favorites.
My answers: 'Whistle' & my favs are Lisa and Jennie.
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jisoo! and i like them both i cant stop listening to them
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@taetaebaozi - I felt the same way with both songs, but I like all of the members! It is so hard to pick who is my favorite XD
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@HappyGLAlexis ahh i see lol i was like that until now lol
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