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1. Since Mid 2015 and I still wish I knew them since debut cause they are awesommeeee 2. V was my bias when I first saw war of hormones (the video that got me into bts) I was like who is this handsome devil? 3. I want to say Jin, but they all snatch my edges soooo... 4. Everyone! it's like they're competing for my affection! *Hey, if they all want to marry me I have no problem. We can be sister wives reversed lol* 5. It took me about a week of looking at all their pictures over and over again, and repeating their names in music videos. For some reason V and Kookie looked like twins at first so it was tough. Especially when I watched Let me know live. 6. I wish I could say I've seen everything, but I'm still catching up on their latest and when I catch up they're always putting something new out. WAIT FOR ME!!!! 7. BTS BOMBS were the center of my life for a long period of time when I was high key stalking them. Yeah, I said it! High key cause I'm not ashamed! I stalked them all over the internet!
8. Merch! Merch! Yes! I have 2 BTS phone cases and a red BTS sweater which I realized I should have ordered a medium instead of a small cause of Asian sizes. But, I consider myself pretty small, but I guess I'm not small enough for them? Is 5'5 different for them cause my sleeves were a little shorter.
9. Was adult child predut? If so I loved that one. Jin was soooo cute and when I watched Namjoon, Yoongi and Jin dance on stage it was soo cute.
10. I like it cause who doesn't love a song about stalking a girl online lol? But, it was really catchy too. 11. Well, I can't say I share the most with any of them. I take a little from each. V's weirdness, Jhope's brightness, Suga's I don't care attitude, Jungkook's singing, Jin's confidence, Rap monsters klutz powers and Jimin's cute smile cause I think I have a killer smile too ha.
12. I feel like I could be Rapmonster's sibling cause my brother tainted my mind at a young age when he showed me *inappropriate content* and Rapmonster already downloads them for everyone sooo... 13. Taehyung cause duh lol and Jin cause he went to acting school. I could picture him in the cast of doctors or like your hot teacher.
14. Goodness favorite stage out fit? I liked Jimin shirtless at mama . But, the war of hormone clothes with Kookie ripped shirt worked magic. Also, the dope police uniform. Lets not forget them all hot and sweaty performing Let Me know live in the white clothes. Yesssssss 15. I would have to choose we are bullet proof because of the dance break, but you know what video I liked better than both??? N.O! That was perfection.
Hope you all enjoyed and try it out yourselves. Tag me if you want me to see! Don't forget to like and comment!
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@kimnam94 yeah go for it! they actually surprisingly helped me find ppl into kpop. ppl noticed my cases and instant bond
@danyeljules41 Wow awesome, let's hope they got my phone type haha and yay kpop fam!
@kimnam94 good luck finding yours!!!
@danyeljules41 thanks fam!!
@kimnam94 Ur welcome