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Time for day TWO of Bias Week!

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I was busy with school, with life, with everything and then my best friend mentioned her little obsession with VIXX. I had lost my loyalty to a lot of groups (re: Infinite) simply because I didn't have the time to keep up and I felt disconnected from the fandom.

Fast forward to a week later and I'm finding myself straaaangely attracted to the Seo In Guk lookalike in VIXX, aka Hakyeon.

As my friend pulled me deeper into the fandom, I began watching VIXX TV and that is what killed it for me. He was such a caring dork that had a heart of gold and I melted.

When On & On came out that was the final nail in the coffin. I was done for.

How did YOU get your UB?

Either make a card and tag me or comment below~

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I found my love for V when I discovered BTS. When I found out he was a crazy fluff ball, I liked him a lot and he knocked BamBam off #1 thus becoming my UB. Very short story lol.
I knew V would be my UB from just hearing about him .. So my friend was pulling me to Kpop and she told me about this group BTS.. N she was telling me about their personalities. So she told me about the nickname "alien" (I know it's offensive to certain persons) I didn't quite understand why he was called that. Next she told me about his love for his parents and that's when it all started happening. For me in these times seeing a guy so proud to do everything for his parents is sweet to me. Lastly when I started to watch bangtan bombs .. I lost it I was completely taken by him (the b*tch and beach killed me) I love how weird and carefree he is yet he has a soft serious heart (he with babies omg) at times
I watched SS501 Thank You for Waking Me Up and Thank You For Raising Me Up, noticed the then shy teenager who couldn't be seen on camera without having his hair completely styled, then watched SS501 Mission in Japan and noticed the same teenager who was also afraid of balloons and fell in love with him. He has since then grown up into the beautiful 29 year old Heo Youngsaeng.
was searching the "got talent" shows and clicked on a vid "guy with weird voice" of the suggestions was Bigbang's badboy....the guys on the thumbnail were cute...I clicked...I was trapped...fell for Taeyang instantly. ..this was 2012...has been UB since. I saw Voodoo doll not too long ago....right as Chained was coming out....Leo did me in...he is seriously going to take over UB spot any minute...this comeback may just do it...sorry Taeyang
that was my very first K-POP video