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Kpop is FULL of bias has the UB survived them?!

Hakyeon is just such a good person.

There might be Suga's everything, Bambam's choker, etc - but at the end of the day I really admire and love Hakyeon for all that he does.
He has a lot of qualities I'd like to see in myself and because of that he's always been a level above :3

What about YOU!?

D.O because his smile and cuteness make me happy. He has an angelic voice and he's always be so cool when he dances he's my baby penguin.
Hobi has stayed my UB because of how much of a sunshine gumdrop he is and his rapping skills keeps me wrapped around his finger.
because as long as I can see him smile. he will forever be my bias. as long as he continues to follow his dream. he'll forever be my bias. as long as he follows his heart and never gives up, even then there will be no one who can take BANG YONGGUK's spot.
Heechul from Super Junior is still my UB because of his personality, he doesn't care what people think of him, but he cares about everyone. He wants to keep everyone safe ever since that car accident. His AB personality always makes me laugh πŸ˜‚ Heechul is great overall ❀
I have biases in almost every group but no one can top Baekhyun. He has the looks and the personality, everything about him is amazing, there is nothing he can do that isn't amazing...well maybe the middle part in his hair but that looks bad on anyone ^^" I just love and admire Baekhyun so much, he's still going on strong and someone is gonna have to fill his big shoes in order to replace my one true love Baekhyun 😍😍😍
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