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Would you rather see your UB perform or would you like to sit down and talk to them?

For me, while I love Hakyeon's voice (AND DANCING) I genuinely would like to have a conversation with him.

Pretending I'm fluent in Korean, I have a lot of questions about how he handles himself under pressure, how he always puts his other members first, and how he deals with negativity.

He's a really inspiring person to me so I'd love to get his advice!

What about YOU!?

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coffee, it would be so cool to pick yongguk's brain and get to actually know him
a year ago·Reply
Concert.! Because I would love seeing him do what he loves and dreamed about. and that's performing in front of his fans.!
a year ago·Reply
Concert! Bang Yongguk looks best on stage!
a year ago·Reply
It was a tough call for me, but I chose having Coffee with Hobi. I feel as if I would really like to get to know Hobi as he is away from all the fans and the cameras. Even though I would be too anxious to talk to him at first, knowing me and knowing how much of a happy virus he is, I would be relieved of any anxiety quickly, and then we could enjoy our coffee (hot chocolate for me ;P) date~ Plus, I really want to see him up close in person. x3
a year ago·Reply
Coffee, coffee, coffee!!!☕☕☕ Coffee + date with bias (Jaebum) = A good time. Plus I'm not much of a concert person because I don't like being surrounded by people that long and I hate hearing screaming at concerts. So I would rather meet my bias for coffee and get to know one another.....
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