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Would you rather see your UB perform or would you like to sit down and talk to them?

For me, while I love Hakyeon's voice (AND DANCING) I genuinely would like to have a conversation with him.

Pretending I'm fluent in Korean, I have a lot of questions about how he handles himself under pressure, how he always puts his other members first, and how he deals with negativity.

He's a really inspiring person to me so I'd love to get his advice!

What about YOU!?

Concert.! Because I would love seeing him do what he loves and dreamed about. and that's performing in front of his fans.!
Concert! Bang Yongguk looks best on stage!
I would have coffee/tea with Kookie because I can buy a concert ticket and go see him and everyone in concert a lot easier than getting a one on one date kinda thing with Kookie. I'd love to talk to him about so many things cause I have so many things I want to ask him about 😩😍😍
Well, I don't drink coffee. I'd be afraid to meet Kookie in person because I'm horribly shy and would be afraid of embarrassing myself. So maybe I'll just stick with the concert. On the other hand...if I could play with his hands, arms, and hair, then sure. I'd meet him in person.
Definently coffee because I'd love to chat with my bias alone instead of with others
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