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This is not my Bae.... my bae was the owner of this weird "shape" vase. No!!! not perv.... @KwonOfAKind, she was not the owner... but she might had bought one too!!!
Here is the link of card and the event hosting by @kimchiandkpop ☆Bias Week☆
And who is my ultimate Bae!??... hm... I really not sure... maybe please look at my user name and profile ↝@lovetop↜
Still have no clues???↟↟↟↟↟
Does the remind you of something??? the crown the blue light?
How about him and ART!!! anyone knows???
Him and the mic!!!...he is the rapper(dancer) in a group called Big Bang!!!
He is with them!!!!
Yes... I think everyone knows by now!!!!
Oops wrong file!!!!(*coughs....)
....wrong attachment.... give me a sec...
Sorry Bae those are not my files.... is Kwonnie's... I most download by mistake!!!
I promise I will always love you!!!!
Love you♡♡♡♡
*sarcasm* wow you like top!? i never knew!!!! hahahahhahahhahahahahhahah
Who is Kim Woo Bin? I had never watch the Kdrama Heirs or Uncontrollably Fond. And who is Jimin?? I don't even know which group he is at. I never listen to BTS !!! or watch Jimin Thights or ABS!!! My eyes are only on "TOP"
.....wait who's your UB ..was it Kim Woo Bin......wait no it was Jimin right😈😈 . . *clears throat* Looks like I'm gonna have to confiscate some of those files to do further research 😎😎
@kpopandkimchi I know... not much people's knew I "LoveTOP" how sad is that 😛😛😛😛