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This is not my Bae.... my bae was the owner of this weird "shape" vase. No!!! not perv.... @KwonOfAKind, she was not the owner... but she might had bought one too!!!
Here is the link of card and the event hosting by @kimchiandkpop ☆Bias Week☆
And who is my ultimate Bae!??... hm... I really not sure... maybe please look at my user name and profile ↝@lovetop↜
Still have no clues???↟↟↟↟↟
Does the remind you of something??? the crown the blue light?
How about him and ART!!! anyone knows???
Him and the mic!!!...he is the rapper(dancer) in a group called Big Bang!!!
He is with them!!!!
Yes... I think everyone knows by now!!!!
Oops wrong file!!!!(*coughs....)
....wrong attachment.... give me a sec...
Sorry Bae those are not my files.... is Kwonnie's... I most download by mistake!!!
I promise I will always love you!!!!
Love you♡♡♡♡
*sarcasm* wow you like top!? i never knew!!!! hahahahhahahhahahahahhahah
@kpopandkimchi I know... not much people's knew I "LoveTOP" how sad is that 😛😛😛😛
.....wait who's your UB ..was it Kim Woo Bin......wait no it was Jimin right😈😈 . . *clears throat* Looks like I'm gonna have to confiscate some of those files to do further research 😎😎
Who is Kim Woo Bin? I had never watch the Kdrama Heirs or Uncontrollably Fond. And who is Jimin?? I don't even know which group he is at. I never listen to BTS !!! or watch Jimin Thights or ABS!!! My eyes are only on "TOP"