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So the beauty of this operation, @kpopandkimchi decided to make a fun challenge-esque plan. 《Visit her Card Hither》
Alright, so I am really at a limbo here. Cause if anyone knows me, knows I have 2 most important Ultimate biases.

♢♢ It's extremely hard for me to choose one over the other. ♢♢

This is hard. But I guess this must be a decision to be made.

So, alas, here is my UB. The one I will brag about ♡

❧ Seyoungiekins ❧

He's the apple to my eye! ♡

《 Lee Seyoung From Cross Gene》

❧ To answer your Question, Yes, I am literally using this as an excuse to pic spam HIM ♡

❧ Last Set I swear ♡

❧ Had to get the pic with both of my UBS ♡

Tagging my Usual People (why did autocorrect try to change it to suspects??)

CandY Mod Squad:


Babyz Mod Squad:

Vixxen Mod Squad:

Topp Klass Mod Squad:

@MrsJungHoseok @XergaB20 @MelissaGarza @HeichousRegalia @KaeliShearer @twistedPuppy @AimeeH BTW: IF YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED BY ME IN ANY PAST CARDS, I KINDA JUST THREW ALL MY TAGS IN THIS ONE CARD. I WOULD SAY I AM SORRY, BUT I'M NOT. . . Not because I like annoying you, but just because this seems like a fun thing to participate in. ♡

Please don't hate me too much ♡♡

@AimeeH Nice! Yeah I have kakao so please add me! :D my username is BelieveInRomeo.
@xoxorittie Yeasss! I have a Cross Gene chat on kakao? If you have one I could add you?
@AimeeH Me too! They're such great and sweet guys!
@xoxorittie OMG I can agree!! He's definitely a cutie patootie!! I love them!
@AimeeH He is!! I love him so much! Likes he's the cutest most adorable thing ever!
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