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So, I need to get something off my chest. I have no idea if anyone else has these struggles if you're black and into kpop but this is my experience.
My family has been darkening my mood whenever I try to show them Kpop. At first, they didn't care at all, but now it must be because of the whole black movement (which I am full supportive on) because they are hating HARD.
Me: hey, check out this new kpop mv/ video (mostly bts cause I'm an ARMY) My mother: I can't support them because they don't give credit to where they got rap from and their styles. Me: Okay... *listens to my mother rant about them stealing black culture* Me: Hey (sis), can you tell her to chill? sis: well, she has a point. Me: *chest pain* Dad: *Explains the history of Black culture being stolen...again*
Okay, I can understand where they are coming from, but my viewpoint is its like how people cover songs and make it their own. Like they don't sing it exactly like the artist. Not only that but, I don't think rap and RnB should only be sung by only black people. I know that's crazy right? I'm not saying anyone can do it because there have been fails, but I'm not hating on people that love to rap if they aren't black. More power to you because I can't.
Am I insane for wanting cultures to share with each other and appreciate the cool things about each other? The other thing I hate is even if they have this view, they could at least not bash my fun and love for it and watch the videos I show peacefully.
Honestly, is it that hard? Yes, I admit Black culture is loved by most but not many care to admit that it's black culture. Still, there are many groups that look up to black artist as well and like their music. What more do they want? So, I'm basically not going to show them Kpop anymore because of this and they made me so close to not watching it myself. I just don't like how they group all Asians together when I know for a fact they would hate if someone grouped all black people together.
However, I like BTS and many other groups more than hate and ima stay loving. Does anyone else have a similar problem because this is just urking me to no end. It makes me think I should feel shameful for loving it.
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@dreemer13 I am super proud of you and your followers here. I am a 54yr old Mom of a 19yr old daughter. I introduced her to K-pop, but also to Bollywood, Celtic Music, Japanese anime, Taiwanese and Korean Dramas. Every 5 years we chose a culture and immerse ourselves in it. Music, food, entertainment. We learn the language and the history of the country. I was raised in the Midwest by an American Mother and a French Father. I was raised to believe we are all equal. I grew up with friends from all over the world. You could say I was color blind. I just saw people for who they were, not by the color of their skin. I studied music in college and grew to appreciate all cultures and styles. I raised my daughter the same way. Because you, and others like you are willing to cross the border and explore other cultures and music the world has a chance of surviving. You kids are our future. Respect your parents, but teach them. The way to ending racial discrimination is through you and others like you. 馃憦 馃憦 馃憦 I applaud you and send you strength and support.
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You're not insane your family is being narrow-minded. Music is music plain and simple. It has nothing to do where it originated from when you appreciate the sound that the artist worked their asses off to create. People need to get over blacks started this movement or that. Just appreciate music for what it is already a mighty beautiful thing where we all escape the bullshit we encounter in our daily lives. You should say laters to your family's opinion because at the end of the day you'll all like something different anyway musically just don't let them stress you out. Mine was tripping cause I love Korean culture and plan to decorate my house when I move in that fashion. I shut that shit down real quick. I didn't ask for their unsolicited opinion and what I choose to do with where I live is my business and they don't have to visit if they don't like it. I'm going to listen to what I like at the end of the day what I'm doing isn't hurting anyone and I haven't killed anybody. So be strong sista girl. I support you and what you listen too. You have family here on Vingle who stand behind and beside you. @danyeljules41
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@danyeljules41 Always remember there is nothing wrong with you liking anything that others see as different from the choices they would make. This is what makes you the amazing individual that you are. Post a card for me to see your finished decorations in your dorm room. I'd love to see what you did to it. Fighting
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i understand. my mom says my "Asian rappers" aren't "real rappers" because they don't know "the struggle" yet they have their own struggle other than killing people and selling drugs so I don't want to fucking hear it Patricia.
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Well I can understand your family. Many say if ppl loved black ppl as much as they love black culture then life would be much more grand. I personally do get upset when I see anyone borrowing from any culture and don't know anything about that culture. For example when Kpop stars are exposed for saying the N word but say black hip hop rappers inspired them but dint know the basics of Black culture or when Kpop fans only want to listen to Kpop but not learn about the Korean culture. Coming from a mixed family I don't have that much of an issue with the notion of sharing and blending cultures. I just feel people just need to give credit where it is due. Most of my favorite Kpop stars do that and pretty much understand the basics of hip hop culture. But do you boo. Not all ppl will like Kpop and don't feel bad for loving it. Everyone has different tastes. Thanks for the tag.
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