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So, I need to get something off my chest. I have no idea if anyone else has these struggles if you're black and into kpop but this is my experience.
My family has been darkening my mood whenever I try to show them Kpop. At first, they didn't care at all, but now it must be because of the whole black movement (which I am full supportive on) because they are hating HARD.
Me: hey, check out this new kpop mv/ video (mostly bts cause I'm an ARMY) My mother: I can't support them because they don't give credit to where they got rap from and their styles. Me: Okay... *listens to my mother rant about them stealing black culture* Me: Hey (sis), can you tell her to chill? sis: well, she has a point. Me: *chest pain* Dad: *Explains the history of Black culture being stolen...again*
Okay, I can understand where they are coming from, but my viewpoint is its like how people cover songs and make it their own. Like they don't sing it exactly like the artist. Not only that but, I don't think rap and RnB should only be sung by only black people. I know that's crazy right? I'm not saying anyone can do it because there have been fails, but I'm not hating on people that love to rap if they aren't black. More power to you because I can't.
Am I insane for wanting cultures to share with each other and appreciate the cool things about each other? The other thing I hate is even if they have this view, they could at least not bash my fun and love for it and watch the videos I show peacefully.
Honestly, is it that hard? Yes, I admit Black culture is loved by most but not many care to admit that it's black culture. Still, there are many groups that look up to black artist as well and like their music. What more do they want? So, I'm basically not going to show them Kpop anymore because of this and they made me so close to not watching it myself. I just don't like how they group all Asians together when I know for a fact they would hate if someone grouped all black people together.
However, I like BTS and many other groups more than hate and ima stay loving. Does anyone else have a similar problem because this is just urking me to no end. It makes me think I should feel shameful for loving it.
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I showed a hardcore R and B lover exo what is love, because I find that similar to that, and yes he was black. And he said they did an amazing job. Hell, he thinks N Sync did great r and b. Why not be open minded? Music is music.
I'm black too and I can understand where you going with this. My parents aren't really a problem but they do tell me where certain songs come from and I do appreciate it cause I also learn more about where BTS gets their inspiration from. I remember going through a whole list of old school art is it and k would find real small pieces of the music in theirs but it let's me know how far and wide our culture effects people around the world. Now you have the Korean wanna be blacks which really doesn't work out but it shows how much respect they have for us and they don't know us like that. its like the people who 'know' us in America don't really respect us and yet people still bother to called it United Sates when its really just called Sates of America..... But yeah馃槖馃槖 my parents don't like listening to it cause they can't understand it. My mom only likes girl groups and my dad says they have no talent and I'm like which on and he's like everyone馃槓 I was watching dance covers
Being a black kpopper I totally agree with you!!! You don't know how happy I was to read your post and know that there are other black people with similar opinions as me, and I'm not just the odd one out. I usually keep my kpop love to myself bc I'm afraid of things like what you just described happening. I don't want to be ridiculed by my people for liking another culture, or shamed by Asians for having "yellow fever". Like, why can't people be interested in other cultures without being thought of as "fetishizing another culture" or "rejecting your own culture"? The world we live in...... 馃槯
@CLAKPOP I totally agree with everything you are saying, but one thing stuck out to me. Being white you do are more privileged, it's called White Privilege and it is a real thing, you just haven't noticed it yet. It can be manifested in anything in life, even something as simple as not getting shady looks from a store clerk when you walk in with your backpack from school. And to make it clear I'm not hating you for it, I'm just pointing out a fact. For all the hate to stop we all need to first acknowledge that there are differences between us, and then accept that it's a good thing, that that's what gives us these different cultures to admire and enjoy. If we all start ignoring are differences and pretending that we are all the same then we start to lose that culture. And idk about you guys, but I love the fact that I can have some bomb ass Nigerian food at home then go to any of my friends' houses to have some bomb ass Hmong food, or even the best damn hot dish in all of the Midwest. This part doesn't pertain to your original comment, but I still think it's relevant. I read someone else use the term "colorblind" to describe their view on life, and I think that's the wrong term. In fact I hate how there has to be a word for every thing these days. The term "Colorblind" assumes that we are ignoring our differences and pretending that we are the same, and we just can't do that, it's just not right. Why can't we just be normal human people that love and embrace our differences?
For me, being Colorblind means that I see people for who they are not by the color of their skin. The world would be a terribly boring place without the things that make us different. I enbrace those differences, I just don't dwell on a persons ethnicity. If I like you, I like you. If I don't, I don't. The color of your skin or where you were born will not be a factor. That is what I meant by it.
My dad is like that. *shakes my head*.... I usually keep the kpop and foreign dramas that interests me to myself and the internet. I found one of my friends that are interested in Kpop and went to a SHInee concert in Los Angeles. It is good to meet people with the same interest so you can go on and on about a curtain topic... Even if they don't have the same interest as you, they are still interesting and you can learn something new about each other.....Anyways, I usually listen to male Kpop groups. the only female groups I have listened to was 2ne1 but now need to start listening to some other girl groups that will take my interest like 2ne1