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I was sitting upside down, while on my phone, in my old apartment. I had been thinking about this moving situation. Simon had a very nice place, but it was only meant for one person. So as I packed up my stuff, I looked for a potential apartment to show Simon.
"What you doing, noona?" I looked up, to see Tyson at my feeling. I show him my phone, and noticed he was smiling. "Oh what, his place too small?" I nodded my head, while he moved to sit beside me. "Are you bored or does this help you get your voice back?"
I held up one finger, as my way of saying the first one. He then help me sit up right on the couch. "Is there even a way to make your voice come back." I sighed as I closed my eyes. "Yes, but the mention hurts too much."
I spoke softly, but try to be loud enough for him to hear me. This action hurt my throat, so much, but I didn't push it this time. If I had, my throat would be on fire, and I run the risk of losing it completely.
"Ah, force it to a point, like when you're recovering from after an amazing concert?" I petted Tyson's head for figuring it out. He smiled, before getting comfortable. He laid down, and rest his head on my lap.
"I'm glad I get to stay in Korea now, too. I get to be close to my siblings that I rarely get to see." Poked Tyson's nose, as I looked for apartments again. "Love you too, noona." I just play with his hair, and got him to rest.
"You know I can help you find the best apartment." I raised an eyebrow, before moving my phone out of view, to look at him. "One that's in Seoul, and close to AOMG at the same time?" He went to talk but gave up in defeat.
Ty sat up though the moment we both heard the key pad being touched. Simon had come in, spinning a roll of tape around his hand. "Hyung!" Tyson got excited as he stood up fast. "What? Taking a break?"
I just got up and went to look for apartments in the next room. "Yah! Where you think you're going?" Tyson was laughing, whilst Simon came after me. I hid my phone in my bra, before turning to look at Simon.
He shook his head, before reaching into my shirt. I slapped his hand, and ended up play fighting him over my phone. We ended up with me in his arm, and my phone in his other hand. He had crushed his lips against mine, so he would win.
"Why are you looking for a new apartment? What don't want to live with me?" I waved my hand in defense, as I tapped his shoulder and mine. "Oh for the both of us? What wrong with my place?" I made the gesture that it was small with my hands.
"Yeah, you might have a point there. Great minds think a like too." He pulled out his phone, to show me he was looking into it as well. I pecked his lips, before snuggling up to him. Simon rubbed my back, before giving me the roll of tape.
"For now, Let's finish packing, so come tonight we can look for a place together." I nodded my head, and went back to packing my stuff up. Tyson even help, as we mostly focus packing up my clothes, shoes, jewelry, and things that I wanted to keep.
I yawn heavily once we had finish, even though Tyson didn't stick around. He had a schedule, that made him have to leave me and Simon alone.
A firm set of arms found their way around my waist. "Hey sleepy head, are we done?" I nodded my head, as I held his forearms. "Then how about we head home, so you can get some sleep."
I held up my phone to show him I had a doctors appointment in forty-five minutes. "Alright, get your stuff, I'll drive." I did just as he said, and met him in the car down stairs, after locking up. "So is this just a check up, or physical therapy?"
I lean in closely, to tell him it was both. He kissed my forehead, after I let it rest on his shoulder. "I love that you try to actually talk to me." I smile softly as I rest my eyes. I was praying no one or nothing ruins any of this joy Simon brings me.
He woke me up, once we arrive at the hospital. I didn't even noticed I had drifted off to sleep. "Better get going, or you'll be late. I'll park the car and meet you in there." I nodded and kissed him quickly before running into my appointment.
The doctor was so kin to me the moment I arrive, and ran their test. "Miss Ryan, would you please attempt to speak normal for me?" Simon came into the room, right as the Doctor made his request, for the test.
I clear my throat, and made eye contact with Simon. "I can't wa-wait to be y... yo.." I started coughing before I could finish my sentence. He was smiling when I try to speak, but came running when I wouldn't stop coughing into my hand.
When I moved my hand away, the doctor took my arm. There was blood in my hand, as he sighed heavily. I looked up at Simon, and saw the concern in his eyes. He used his thumb to wipe away the blood that was on my lip.
Doctor used a cotton swab to take some of the blood, and handed it over to the nurse. "Miss Ryan, I would like you to stay the night, so I can do a more thorough exam." Simon and I both looked at each other, and could see the worry building up in each other.
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good build up! i,can't wait to see what they find out.