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Yay! Chapter lucky number 13. I hope everyone has been enjoying my story thus far. I will do my best to not disappoint.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
Character thoughts are in { } and words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 12
Word Count: 3093
Warning: May contain mild language
Hoseok’s POV
I woke up to feel someone gently shaking my shoulders. {Ugh, Jin, I’m too tired, let me sleep...} “Five more minutes...” Jin shook me again. {Why, hyung?} Normally when I ask for more time, he’ll give it to me. I turned away from him. All of a sudden, my whole body was being shaken “WAKE—UP—HOBIE. Breakfast time. Up and at ‘em.” The shaking was forcing my breath out of me. That’s not Jin, that’s a girl’s voice. She was still shaking me.
“UuuuUUUuuuuUUUuuuhhhhh—ok, I’m up,” I opened my eyes and saw Rose beaming down at me. “Stop trying to kill me,” I groaned. She leaned down to my ear. My heart started fluttering. Her breath was warm on my ear. I could almost feel her lips. “If I wanted to kill you—“ {You would’ve? So she’s cheesy too, huh?} I squealed before I could even register what had happened. {This girl!} Her fingers were digging into my sides. {How did she know I was ticklish? Damnit, she found out this morning when she made me go back to bed!} Then I couldn’t think anymore. I tried to squirm away, but she was unrelenting.
When I finally caught a breath, I was able to squeeze out a weak “Noona!” She didn’t stop. “Ok, noona—you win!” She loosened her grip on my side, but she didn’t completely stop. I was able to catch my breath and without thinking, I flipped our positions. Now she was under me. I froze for a second. {God, she is so beautiful. She has no idea what she does to me}. Her lips were curved into a wide smile causing her nose to scrunch up adorably and her beautiful brown eyes to narrow. Her cheeks were flushed, her breath was heavy from laughing, and her auburn hair was splayed out across my pillow. It started to make me think things that I shouldn’t. So I did the only thing I could to break my thoughts—I started tickling her. She tried to arch away from my fingers, but I had her too tightly. I had to distract her so that she didn’t question why I had paused. I kept tickling her and she kept trying to wriggle away.
“Ok! Ok—you win—I’m sorry!” Her voice went up an octave. “I’m sorry!” We were both laughing so hard that my sides felt like she was still tickling me. I started to let up and she immediately started fighting back. She managed to trap one of my arms with hers before the door opened. The maknae line came in.
“Having fun without us?” Jimin said, pretending to take offense. Usually, Taehyung always takes my side in these types of battles so I figured it’d be the two of us versus the other three. I wasn’t surprised when Jimin tried to help Rose, but I was surprised when the other two did the same. Taehyung was actually the one trapping my arms to my side. “Run, noona!” Jimin yelled like he was saving her from some terrible fate. “Run while you still can.” Rose took advantage of the help and got untangled. I almost caught her foot, but she was just a little too fast. She was still laughing as she left the room. The boys continued their attack until Taehyung finally switched to my side and helped me hold them off.
When they finally stopped, we fell back: me laying against the wall where the head of my bed was, Taehyung was next to me on the adjacent wall, Jimin was splayed at the foot of the bed, and Jungkook was on the floor. I gave him a look to ask Taehyung why he had switched sides on me. He looked embarrassed and refused to look at my eyes again. {That’s...weird}. Jimin jumped up and said something about racing to the kitchen table and the other two followed hot on his heels.
I was left to myself again. Myself and my thoughts. {I shouldn’t feel the way I’m feeling.’s not fair. That I feel this way. That I know I don’t have a chance...That I don’t want to care about Namjoon’s and Yoongi’s feelings... But I have to care. I’m the one who has to keep everyone happy. I can’t do that if I’m the problem. Shit! What the hell am I supposed to do?!... At least she’s feeling better after the nightmare. I want to ask her about it...but I don’t want her to hurt again. Ugh! Well, the best thing I can do with all of this is just be there for her. If she needs a shoulder to cry on, support to help keep her on her feet, or if she’s actually able to return my feelings... I’ll be here for her. If nothing else, I can be her hope}.
Yoongi’s POV
{The kids woke me up again...I’m going to have to kill them when I get up}. If it wasn’t Jin waking me up then that means it’s not time for breakfast... Then I heard Rose’s voice. {What’s she doing in there? Is that why they’re being loud? What happened?} I started feeling jealous. {No! I’m not jealous. There’s no reason for me to be jealous}. I heard thumping, then they got louder, and then their door opened and closed. I heard the boys still being loud, but not Rose. {I guess she’s the one who left?} I still laid in bed and pulled the covers up. I didn’t want to get up any earlier than the absolute latest that I possibly could. {I wonder if she got any sleep after what happened earlier. Probably not. I hope she’s feeling better though. It really hurt me to think about what happened... Why does it hurt?}
After a couple minutes, the next room got quiet and I could hear Rose’s muffled laugh. {I guess she’s feeling better. It sounds like she’s probably in Hoseok and Jin’s room. Jin must’ve tasked her with waking everyone up. That’s worrisome. Taehyung gets pretty handsy when he’s half-awake. I hope that’s not what the earlier noise was}. Then I heard more voices laughing, probably coming from the same room as Rose. I guess that’s where the boys went. It’s always suspicious when they get quiet. I heard feet pounding and then a door opened and slammed shut. {Now what?}
I heard Rose and Jin talking and then footsteps approached my door. I laid still and kept my eyes closed. I barely heard the door open. {It must be Rose, because Jin is never this quiet}. I heard her lightly walking to my bed. She stood next to my bed and I waited for her to start trying to wake me up. Then I heard her walk to Namjoon’s bed. I realized I was holding my breath and carefully let it out. {She went to Namjoon’s bed. Why do I feel so disappointed? Well...she does like him, so I guess it makes sense. What the hell is wrong with me?} I heard Rose giggle quietly. {My chest hurts a lot. She really likes him...}
Wakey wakey eggs and bakey.” Namjoon had always been a light sleeper, so it didn’t surprise me to hear him start moving.
“Hyung?” {Really Namjoon? She sounds like Jin?}
“Do I sound or look like your hyung?”
“Mm?” I heard him start shifting on the bed. “Noona?”
“Mmhm. Now go wake up Yoongi.” {Why is she asking Namjoon to do that? Is she scared of me? Or does she just dislike me? I guess I gave her enough reasons to}. They talked back and forth for a minute, her trying to convince him to do it, him definitely not wanting to. The argument ended when someone ran for the door.
“No way noona, you wake up the beast on your own.” Then the door slammed shut. {Surprise, surprise, Namjoon took off. Though after last time, I don’t blame him. But it’s not my fault he woke me up half an hour after I finally went to bed}. I tried to keep still so that Rose wouldn’t know that I was awake. I wanted to see what she would do. She let out a sigh and then reluctantly made her way over. {That bad, huh?} She stood there for a moment before she slowly sat down on the edge. My heart started pounding like crazy. I heard her sigh again. {What the hell? Is this really such a horrible task?} I could feel her gaze on me. {Why is she just sitting there?}
My heart was still racing and I felt like she could hear it. She started shaking her head quite furiously. I opened my eyes to see what the hell was going on. She had her eyes closed and she was shaking her head like she was...disgusted? {Is it because of me? Does she find me that repulsive?} She stopped shaking her head and opened her eyes—immediately making contact with mine. I had thought that my heart was already going as fast as it could, but I guess I just proved that wrong. My mind was completely blank, so I said the first thing that came up, “So, are you going to kiss me or kill me?”
Rose’s eyes got even bigger and she jumped off the bed. {Damnit, Jin. You and your stupid RomComs. But, I must’ve really scared her because she seems pretty flustered}. I was actually really glad about it, because she probably couldn’t tell how flustered I was. My theory was confirmed when she tried to speak. She was stuttering pretty badly, “N-no—I-I—neither—I—“ and then all her words came out at once. All I caught was ‘Jin’ and ‘wake up’. She couldn’t look me in the eye. {She’s so cute when she’s flustered}. I realized I was smiling and quickly wiped it off my face. I groaned and moved to sit on the edge of the bed.
“So, was it ‘save the best for last’ or ‘put off the worst chore for as long as possible’?” I couldn’t tell if I was teasing her or if I was actually mad. {She’s got me so mixed up}. My words finally caused her to look back at me, she was probably going to make some excuse. But she didn’t. She just stopped and stared. She was looking at me with wide eyes, but she wasn’t meeting my eyes. She just stared. {At what?}
“Uhh...uh” {She was trying to think of an excuse, huh?}
“What?” I didn’t want to give her any more time. She was hurting me enough as it was.
“Uh...clothes...” {What the hell does that mean?}
“What?” {Just spit it out! Tell me how much you don’t like me. That you hate being alone in the same room as me. Anytime we were alone, she was fidgeting. She probably thought I didn’t notice, but I did. How could I not? I probably made her uncomfortable}.
“Uh... you’re not wearing any clothes...” she trailed off and looked towards the door. I looked down at myself.
“OhmyGod!” I had forgotten about my clothes. I wear clothes around the house, but when I go to bed, I usually throw everything except my boxers off. I knew she was sleeping over, but it never registered. I snatched my blankets and covered myself. I could feel how heated my face was. {Great! She already hates me, but now she’s going to think I’m a pervert or exhibitionist}. She was like a zombie as she walked to the door. {I probably scarred her for life. Damnit! Why do I keep making things worse?!}
“So, uhh, breakfast is ready,” she trailed off. She left. {Damnit damnit damnit!!!} I grabbed the clothes I had thrown at the foot of the bed. I pulled my clothes on as I tried to think about what I could do to fix this. {I can’t leave it like this}. I almost fell over as I rushed to put my pants on. I pulled at my hair. {What can I do to fix this?} I paced back and forth. {I can’t go out there yet}. I stopped pacing. {When she was staring...she was staring at me...without my shirt.} There a warm feeling in my chest. {She had been looking at me as a man. Whatever I was to her before, she has to think of me as a man now, right? Ugh! Why do I care?! We can be friends even if she only thinks of me like a dongsaeng. Why do I feel like I have to be a man to her?}
I thought back to the way she had looked at me. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I put a hand on my chest. {What would it feel like to have more than her gaze on me? What would her hands feel like...} I shook my head as the realization hit me. {No no no! I can’t! She likes Namjoon. I can’t feel this way about her! I can’t like her!... I can’t do that to him...} I sat on my bed, elbows resting on my knees, laid my head on my hands, and sighed. {I have to stop this. I have to fix this}.
Rose POV
Breakfast was noisy. I guess that’s what you can expect in a house full of boys. The youngest ones, plus Hoseok, were making most of the noise. They appeared to be pumped up from the wrestling match. Taehyung kept looking at me and then avoiding me every time I looked at him. It was adorable how embarrassed he still was. I knew he wanted to apologize properly, but I would let him when the other guys weren’t around to tease him about it. Or at least that was the plan.
“So why was the maknaes’ room so noisy, huh?” Jin teased me. “And why are they pervs? Did they do something?”
“Well, noona apparently can’t resist my charm,” Jimin answered.
“Like hell, I tripped.” Jimin was right next to me so I smacked his arm. I knew he wasn’t going to leave it alone.
“Right, keep telling yourself that. Conveniently tripping right on top of me.” I opened my mouth to object but he cut me off. “Don’t worry, you’re not the first to fall for me.” He gave me a sexy look and licked his lips slowly.
“Eww!” I jumped up. “So greasy!!!” I pushed Namjoon over into my spot to switch seats. “You sit by him. Look, he’s so greasy it gave me goosebumps.”
“That’s not why you have goosebumps.” He wiggled his eyebrows at me. Namjoon smacked him on the head. “Ow, hyung. What was that for?”
“I could tell Rose wanted to do it, but then she’d spend the rest of the day washing the grease off.” We all cracked up at that, except Yoongi, who was now next to me (bad planning on my part). My heart jumped a little as soon as I noticed. Yoongi stared at Jimin, showing just how unamused he was.
“But, that’s not the best part,” Jimin continued.
“Hyung...” Taehyung said pleadingly, pulling on Jimin’s arm.
“Sorry Taehyung, but eomma asked, so I have to tell.”
“You only listen to me when you want to or when someone else doesn’t want you to,” Jin laughed.
“That may be true...but it doesn’t matter.” Jimin stopped talking, trying to build the suspense I guess.
Hoseok spoke up, “Say it or don’t say it, stop being so dramatic, brat.”
Jimin smirked. “Someone got jealous of me and noona...and decided to take it to the next level.”
“That’s not what happened,” Taehyung yelped, “don’t make it sound like that.”
“Well, kissing is kissing is it not?” Jimin finally said. Namjoon choked on his water {He did what?!}, Jin tried to not spit his food out, Yoongi dropped his chopsticks {Son of a bitch!}, Hoseok stared with his mouth open and full of food {He likes her too?!}, and Taehyung’s face turned fire-engine red.
“I-it-it’s not wh-what it sounds l-like.” Taehyung managed to say.
My face was bright red too. “It’s really not what Jimin made it sound like.” Their heads turned to me. I tried to avoid eye contact and specifically avoided looking at Yoongi.
Hoseok leaned forward. “So...what exactly was it?”
“Taehyung. You did it. You explain.” I absent-mindedly put my hand on the spot he kissed.
“On the neck?!” Jin exclaimed. The boys immediately started harassing Taehyung about it.
“It was an accident!” Taehyung defended.
“For five seconds?” Jimin added nonchalantly. {Oh God. Just give me a rock to hide under}.
“Five seconds?!” Jin, Namjoon, and Hoseok exclaimed together. Everyone started talking at the same time. Yoongi just sat next to me without moving. I was afraid to look at him. {Wait. Why am I afraid to look at him? I didn’t do anything wrong! It was an accident. And even if it wasn’t, Yoongi’s not my boyfriend. He’s my crush. My crush that I have to get over}. I slowly raised my head, turning towards him. I didn’t want it to be obvious that I was looking specifically at him. I hoped that the other boys were too engaged in the verbal battle to notice. I was finally able to look at his face. {Holy crap!} He was glaring at Taehyung like he wanted to kill him.
I looked down and saw his hands clenched tightly into fists. {Why is he so angry? None of the other guys were that angry}. His gaze turned to me and I was scared. I had been the object of those types of glares before. And horrible things had always followed. I didn’t realize I had backed up until I felt myself falling backwards from being mostly off the seat. I was about to fall when Yoongi grabbed my upper arm. I looked from his hand to his eyes and saw that they had softened. He looked scared, apologetic. My almost-fall caught the attention of the arguing boys. I felt a hand on my back helping my back into my seat. I looked and saw Namjoon with a concerned expression.
“You okay, noona?” Namjoon asked.
I situated myself in my seat. “Yeah, sorry,” I replied sheepishly, avoiding looking at Yoongi who had just let go of my arm. “I was about to stand up to try and get your attention, but my legs got caught on the chair. I guess I got your attention one way or the other, right?” I chuckled lightly. They started smiling again.
“Yeah, I guess so.”
“So, Taehyung please explain.”
Finished chapter! I feel so bad for Hoseok...but it's his own fault for writing himself into the story. And Yoongi... I could see him as being a bit dense regarding his feeling. And poor Taehyung, getting picked on like that. Why can I see Jimin as totally being a troublemaker and Taehyung getting the short end of the stick? I think Taehyung is a bit of a troublemaker too, but I can see him ending up in this kind of situation. But maybe that's just me. Anyhow, there's the chapter. Let me know what you think.
Thank you to everyone who's reading, liking, following, commenting, or asking me to tag, it's very encouraging. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. I hope you will continue to enjoy my story and I hope to see you next chapter!!!
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@SNBlackRose The clue bus needs to hit Yoongi. JHope needs to speak up or he will be forever in the background and hurt, and poor Tae will NEVER hear the end of what he did.
@JaxomB seriously! Lol. One amendment though, the clue bus needs to hit both Yoongi and Rose
@SNBlackRose True. But once the clue bus runs over Rose repeatedly, she'll end up embarrassed. I don't know if she'll know how to handle at least 3 of the guys liking her. She won't want to hurt any of them though.
@JaxomB that is a very good point. I guess for Rose, ignorance is more blissful. It can be very awkward finding out a friend likes you. Let alone 3